April 19th: Barratt Lovely Mini Eggs

Kcal 195 Fat 8.4g Carbs 28.5g

First off I have to apologise for my failure to deliver what was no doubt one of the most highly anticipated showdowns for Easter 2010 for ChocolateMission. Indeed my epic failure in securing a bag of Barratt Lovely Mini Eggs during the Easter period meant that 'battle of the Mini Eggs' never came to light. I don't know if Barratt had supply issues at all, but I couldn't find a pack of these 'Lovely Mini Eggs' for love nor money. Now three weeks after the event my local shops seem to have tons and tons of packets overflowing their shelves, and I managed to pick up a pack from my local OneStop discounted down to 20p! On the bag these came described as 'solid milk chocolate eggs in a crisp sugar coating', basically they are Barratt's attempt at Cadbury Mini Eggs.

My 20p bought a 40.0g pack, which contained about 12-15 small egg pieces. Looking at the packaging and presentation I think it is safe to say that these were nothing short of a shameless copycat product. The outer packaging was reasonably friendly and inviting with it's pastel colours, but the inner mini eggs looked absolutely identical to the Cadbury ones. They saying is all is fair in love and war and that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but I have had to knock off a few points for unoriginality here. Not to my surprise, like it is often the case with sugar coated products there was a distinct lack of aromas that emanated from the packaging, with nothing registering aside from a generic sugary sweet scent.

If you have read my previous Cadbury Mini Eggs review you will know that I am not the greatest fan of the things, so I guess it will come as no surprise that my enjoyment of these was pretty lacking. I don't wish to spend too much of my time jabbering on, so I will cut the story short. The outer shells were about the same thickness as the Cadbury Mini Eggs, though they were a little less spiky and sharp in terms of their sugar flavour delivery. Whereas this initially made the taste preferable to the Cadbury eggs, the taste took a turn for worse upon encountering the inner milk chocolate. The chocolate was noticeably more grainy and lax in melt, and it didn't have the creaminess in it's flavours that the Cadbury chocolate does. Ultimately it was a shame that the inner chocolate didn't build upon the more subdued flavours of the outer crisp shells. With the taste being so incredibly sweet, and not particularly enjoyable I wasn't inclined to eat the whole packet in one, and I ended up eating them across a few days.

Overall these Barratt Lovely Mini Eggs can only go down as poorer imitation product, which I guess from my point of view makes them pretty abysmal considering I don't enjoy the originals all that much. Despite the Cadbury Mini Eggs changing in recipe, and becoming increasingly sweeter this year, these Barratt Lovely Mini Eggs couldn't succeed in topping them as in my opinion the quality of the chocolate was even poorer than it was in the Cadbury equivalent. When you add in to the mix that Barratt didn't even try and differentiate the product at all from the Cadbury Mini Eggs then what you are left with isn't too endearing. I never saw these eggs at RRP so I am unsure what how competitive they were in price, perhaps a well informed reader can help me out with that ;) Unless they are significantly cheaper than the Cadbury Mini Eggs I simply can't make a case as to why you would choose them over the well established equivalent. They may not be my favourite product ever, but for me there is only one winner - Cadbury Mini Eggs.

5.8 out of 10