April 1st: Nestle Chokito

Kcal 280 Fat 10.7g Fat(sats) 7.3g Carbs 41.9g

As I informed you all the other day, a very lucky friend of mine recently went travelling to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and being the kind soul they are they were nice enough to buy some samples of their favourite local confectionery. One of his favourite bars from SA was the Nestle Tex (reviewed a few days ago - See HERE), and it was another Nestle product that he couldn't get enough of in Australia - the Chokito. Looking on the wrapper this bar came described as 'choc-coated caramel fudge with rice crisp' and promised 'new creamier chocolate'. My friend told me that it was like a man-sized Cadbury Fudge which sounded like a damn good prospect to me.

When my friend told this was man-sized they really weren't kidding - this bar came in a huge 60.0g format that felt very large and heavy in hand. In regards to presentation I thought the wrapper was pretty generic Nestle stuff - the branding was very good and stood out well but the brown and orange colours didn't make for the most exciting looking thing ever. Inside the bar was very long and would of possibly have been better coming as two seperate smaller bars. There was no doubting that it looked appetising when cross-sectioned though and whatsmore the bar radiated a lovely sweet, toffee like smell when opened from it's foil fresh seal.

With only one thing left to do I didn't waste another second before taking my first bite. Upon doing this the first thing that really made me take notice was the lovely variance in textures offered with outer chocolate coating breaking with a nice snap, the inner rice cereal crunchy and the fudge centre proving to be wonderfully thick and viscous to the bite. Whilst all these different elements provided a nice variance in the textures, most of them also contributed well to the taste, with the chocolate coating and rice establishing a pleasant milk based sweet chocolate taste in the mouth from the outset. Whilst the coating delivered a fair standard chocolate hit, by far and away the dominant flavour influence was one of sweet condensed milk and this was only eventually superseded in the overall taste by the flavours of the fudge layer that sat below. To be honest the caramel fudge layer was a heck of a lot better than I expected. I was sure it was going to be a dry, sugary lumpy filling but it in fact it was pretty much the opposite. It was dense in texture, yet it had a good moistness to it and displayed a fine array of buttery, salt hints in an amongst all the brown sugar flavours. In addition to tasting pretty damn good I also felt this bar was extremely satisfying and I felt very fulfilled after eating it.

Overall colour me impressed, this was fantastic chocolate bar that exceeded all my expectations. After the average, run-of-the-mill offering of the Nestle Tex the other day I have to be honest and admit that I was expecting pretty much the same thing here. Luckily for me I was really surprised by this Nestle Chokito and it surpassed all preconceptions that I had made before eating it. Now when my friend told me that it was like a 'man-sized Cadbury Fudge' I have to say they really weren't far off the mark. Indeed I didn't enjoy the chocolate quite as much as the average Cadbury product (this is where personal preference comes in!) but it was still of standard Neslte quality and it did the job of covering the inner caramel fudge layer to a more than reasonable standard. Speaking of the caramel fudge centre itself I would of had great difficulty telling it apart from the stuff offered up in the Cadbury Fudge bar - it was every bit as tasty but portioned in a 60.0g format which obviously made it a lot more satisfying as a stand alone product. I always like to gauge how good a product is by asking myself question 'would I have it again?' ... my answer in regards to the Chokito would be a 'HELL YES'. This is a product really worth tracking down if you are a fan of this sort of bar.

8.5 out of 10