April 20th: Thorntons Mini Caramel Flapjacks

Kcal 78 Fat 4.3g Fat(sats) 2.3g Carbs 8.2g (per flapjack)

Before I launch into this review today, if I could quickly draw your attention back to the ChocolateMission 2009 awards, you may remember that Thorntons took home the prize of 'Best Misc Product of 2009' with their Mini Caramel Shortcakes (See HERE). Since reviewing them (See HERE), those Caramel Shortcakes have featured many a time on my weekly shopping list, but this week when I got to the cakes section it was these new Mini Caramel Flapjacks that caught my eye in my local Sainsbury's. Described on pack as 'flapjacks blended with caramel and dipped in Thorntons milk chocolate' I couldn't help myself and I had to give them a try.

As you see above these flapjacks came in a 12 piece pack, and I greedily kept them all to myself to consume across a working week. The packaging was very similar indeed to all the other varieties in Thorntons' Mini cake range, but this was not a bad thing at all as the combination of the thick foil wrapper and inner plastic tray both looked impressive and kept the inner pieces in immaculate fresh condition. Before admiring them for their aesthetic prestige, the first thing that struck me was the immensely enticing smells that emerged from within the foil packet. The strong hints of sweet honey and chocolate smelt totally dreamy - if you read on you will find that the taste was thankfully just as good.

Having given the game away already (I know you all look at the scoring chart before you read anyway haha!) please allow me to run through every superlative available in the English dictionary to describe how good these were. Putting the flapjack constituents under the spotlight first, I couldn't quite believe how fresh they tasted - it was almost as if they were fresh out the bakery. The flapjacks initially tasted very oaty, though wasn't long before strong flavours burst of sweet golden syrup, toffee and butter exploded onto the scene. I have often found that most good flapjacks have a small element of salt somewhere in the taste, and there was a definite lick right in the aftertaste which made them horrendously moreish. The chocolate at the bottom of each piece looked very thin, though the Thorntons better than average quality shone through, and every bite was supplemented by a burst of cocoa and cream flavours. In regards to hunger fulfilment, the richness of the taste meant that just one piece felt like a sensible sized, yet indulgent treat. This didn't stop me consuming two at a time on most occasions though - they were just too wonderful.

Overall I have once again bottled it on the scoring chart and have chosen to plump myself right on the middle of the fence trying to choose a favourite between these and the Mini Caramel Shortcakes. The word delicious is the only one that I think is worthy of describing these - it is that simple! In terms of size I probably would have welcomed them being a touch bigger (perhaps eight per pack!), but as I have said above, just the single flapjack piece delivered a great deal of satisfaction. For a mass produced product that cost me just over £1.50, these were outstanding in terms of quality and it is of great credit to Thorntons that they have managed to produce flapjacks that so fresh and full of flavour as they do. If you are a lover of the Mini Caramel Shortcakes, or are generally just a fan of flapjacks I really do recommend that you buy yourself a pack of these sooner rather than later. They look great, taste superb and are available at a more than sensible price - you really have no excuse.

9.0 out of 10