April 22nd: Wonka Exceptional Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Bar

Kcal 170 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Fat 19.0g (per 33.0g serving)

Rounding off my reviews of the Wonka Exceptionals range, I today bring you my views on the Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate bar. If we get this out there from the start - if this was a site rating chocolate bars out of ten for the ridiculousness of their names, I think we can all agree now that this bar deserves a 10 out of 10. Unfortunately for Mr Wonka and Co this isn't quite the case, and this bar formed of 'milk chocolate, with toffee, cookie and peanuts' will be rated on the same basis as all the others. Out of the three Wonka bars I have reviewed over the last couple of weeks, this bar Scrumdiddly (see what I done there!), sounded the most exciting, thus why I saved it until last.

Despite containing several added ingredients Nestle ensured that this bar made their stringent weight cap of 99.2g - why not just make it 100.0g guys!? Apart from having a very silly name, the actual presentation of the bar was very little different to the other variants, and came in a stunning looking purple and silver foil wrapper. Where this Scrumdiddly bar did vary somewhat from the other two flavours was the size of each blocks, as they were a bit smaller, which positively made them easier to consume in a single mouthful. Speaking of the actual chocolate, each piece was branded with the Wonka W, and was visibly brimming with small golden bits filling. The nutty, sweet scents that emerged from the wrapper also went on to only further my intrigue and by the time came around to it, I couldn't wait to taste it.

To be 100% clear from the outset this was not the highest quality chocolate I have ever had in my life, though we have to approach this with a mass produced chocolate mindset. In comparison to the standard offering on the market, the milk chocolate on offer was just about better than average, but it was the inner fillings that took it many a level above. Just like I experienced from the Wonka Waterfall bar, the milk chocolate base had a sweet and creamy taste that had an element of fudgenyess in that latter stages of it's soft melt. Whilst the milk chocolate in isolation was pleasant, it was the way the additional elements of the peanuts, toffee and cookie combined to deliver what was a wonderfully enjoyable and friendly taste. All the above were implemented generously, and were dispersed well which made sure that each brought their different flavour enhancement to the party. The toffee pieces added delightful bursts of buttery, caramel flavours, whilst the peanuts brought savoury notes of nut and delicious licks of salt to the aftertaste. Out of three the biscuit was probably the least powerful in terms of flavours, however the crunchy and crisp texture variations it brought were equally as important to the experience. Being the greedy guy I am, I couldn't help but gnosh away half a bar at a time. Generally I eat chocolate in far smaller amounts than this, but this was some seriously good stuff and I found that I just couldn't help myself.

Overall I have to take my hat off to Nestle here - this was one great bar of chocolate, and certainly my favourite out of all the three Wonka Exceptionals flavours I have reviewed over the last few weeks. As I talked about above, this wasn't a chocolate that was exceptional for the quality of ingredients - this was a product that was superb because of it's use of flavour combinations. Of course with any chocolate it always helps have a fair quality base of chocolate, and the milk chocolate on offer here, was again like I said in the Wonka Waterfall review, comparable to the likes of Milka in taste (certainly a step up from other products in Nestle's portfolio thats for sure). Where the milk chocolate was solid in quality, the added peanut, biscuit and toffee pieces were all superb, and each played a great hand in the prestige of the overall profit. The contrasting flavours of the sweet toffee and salty nuts, were wonderfully delivered within the crunchiness brought to the party by the biscuit. If you look at the score I doubt it will surprise you to hear that I would recommend this Scrumdiddly bar above the Waterfall and Domed Chocolate varities - it is well worth trying for yourself.

8.5 out of 10