April 24th/25th: 1,000th Post Spectacular + Competition

***** 1,000 POSTS *****

Hi All,

As you may have guessed, today marks the day that I post my 1,000th post on this site, and I am running a huge competition to mark this historic triumph.

Before we get in to the mix with the competition, please allow me two minutes to bask in this glory. When I first set out creating this site almost two and a half years ago, I had no idea that it would quite go so far. Having now reviewed well in excess of 1,000 products I have to say I am nowhere telling you what the best chocolate bar in the world is (although the Hotel Chocolat 85% still holds the lead of course!), but I guess that is half the fun and it is a never ending process.

Going forwards, I want to make the site even bigger, even better and that can only happen with your continual input. Your requests and comments are what make the site so enjoyable to run - so please continue to contribute to this ongoing project.

It is at this point I would ask for you to do two things for me, through any method you wish, be it e-mail, comment, smoke signals, twitter ... can you please tell me two things ...

1. What you enjoy about the site
2. How you think I can improve it

Thanks for all your contributions to the site so far - I appreciate each every one of them. Please keep reading and adding your input. Now I have blabbed on for long enough let's get on with the competition.



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Over the past 2.5 years Hotel Chocolat have been a key supporter of this website. They have sent samples of their latest products for the majority of this project, and given me the license to say what think whether it be bad or good.... it has to be said it is mostly good :D

In yet another example of amazing goodwill, Hotel Chocolat are sponsoring this 1000th post spectacular competition, and are offering a Mini Chocolatiers Table as 1st prize (See HERE), as well as three boxes of Sleekster Chocolate Selections (See HERE) for three lucky runners-up.

All you have to do is send an e-mail to Jim{@]Chocolatemission.net with the answer to the following, please include 1000th post competition in the subject, as well as your address for potential prizes to be sent ...

Q. Hotel Chocolat have recently just released a product named the 'Peepster - Summer Sizzler'. What four mini slabs are contained within this selection?

Winners are to be drawn at random from all correct entries. Please ensure entries are received by May 8th 2010. Please lets make this as big as possible so plaster this competition over facebook and twitter ... there will be an extra special small prize for the person who best exemplifies that they have got the competition message out there :D

Usual competition rules apply...

1) One entry per person
2) UK entrants only
3) Anything I say goes :)