April 26th: Kit Kat Sakura Green Tea

Kcal 100 Fat 5.8g Carbs 11.3g (per 18.0g)

Another week, another day and it's another Japanese Kit Kat review!! Just as I informed you guys and gals last week, J-List very kindly sent me along another box full of chocolate goodies, and over last few days I have been doing some serious snacking in order to get some reviews up on the site before they cut their chocolate supplying for the summer. Taking centre stage today is this Kit Kat Sakura Green Tea, which I approached somewhat with caution having tasted some not so great green tea flavoured chocolates from Japan before (Meiji Matcha - See HERE & Kit Kat Jasmine Tea - See HERE). According to the J-List website, this flavour is yet another limited edition, aimed at parents who want to give something to their sons and daughters to wish them good luck for upcoming exams - nice culture huh!?

The Japanese are known for presenting their Kit Kats in many different and funky ways, though this one came as a traditional 36.0g four finger product. The packaging was ... well ... damn cool looking! The lime green and pink colours on the box may appear gaudy and ugly to some, but I personally thought they were eye catching, and thought they created an aire of anticipation as I didn't quite know what to expect inside. Speaking of the Kit Kats themselves I am sure that you have already taken a second glance at the green coloured fingers in the photograph above. Again I am sure there are some people who may find the colour a little off-putting, however I found myself to be only more intrigued by the unique colour and herby, sweet smells that were on offer.

This Kit Kat was made up of white chocolate that had been flavoured with 0.5% matcha tea, with the inner contents constituting of wafer and an inner creme. As I have found with previous white chocolate Kit Kats before, the main crux of the taste was a combination of sugary sweet flavours that had a consistent milky undertone. In the latter stages of the chocolate melting in the mouth, a herby, grass like note came in to the taste, which I thought brought the green tea element to party nicely. Where other green tea flavoured chocolates have failed in that past, is that many have left bitter flavours in the mouth, which has made for undesirable aftertastes. I am pleased as punch to say though, that this wasn't the case with this Kit Kat at all, as the fruity, creamy taste of the inner creme combined with the brown sugar hinted wafer layers to provide a nice finish to each bite. I ate all four fingers over the course of one single sitting, and as many other Kit Kats have proven previously it was just about right to be eaten as a light snack with a coffee.

Overall I was surprised at just how much I liked this Kit Kat, as I was almost certain it was going to run in to exactly the same problems as all the other green tea flavoured chocolates have done previously. These inaccurate preconceptions were my own fault entirely - had I not been in such a rush to get this review up on the site, I probably would have looked up the meaning of the word 'Sakura' before I tucked in. For those unaware (as I was until I looked it up!!) 'Sakura' means 'cherry blossom', which would go some way to explaining the fruity sweetness that I experienced with the inner creme. Although it may sound insignificant in the grand scheme of the green tea element, I would go as saying that it was this simple addition that made this Kit Kat as delicious as it was. I was not expecting to reflect so positively about this Kit Kat, but I have to say it was hugely enjoyable, and it would definitely be one I would both recommend and have again if given the opportunity. This was one of the better Japanese Kit Kats I have had this year.

8.4 out of 10

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