April 27th: Ritter Sport V.I.P Editions

I know I have been feeding you all one Ritter Sport review a week for the past month or so, but today I bring you quite a special Ritter post.

Recently Ritter opened a new chocolate themed shop in Berlin, Germany, and to celebrate their grand opening they held an auction for 11 custom made bars that had been crafted by some German celeb VIPs. All proceeds of this auction went to the childrens charity organisation 'Children for a better world', so not only was there the opportunity to try some unique Ritter Sport chocolates, but at the same time there was the chance to help a really worthwhile cause(More details HERE).

Being the Ritter Sport fan I am, I couldn't let such an opportunity pass me by - so I threw my ChocolateMission hat in the ring and went about bidding on three bars via my German friends over at Candyholics (See HERE).

Below are the bars that I managed win - one crafted by Michaela May (German actress - See HERE), another by Caroline Link (German film director - See HERE), and last but not least Amelie Fried (German TV presenter & writer - See HERE). To be honest I had never heard of any of these people before, but I am sure they must be famous enough in Germany. They even went to the trouble of signing each of the 100.0g bars!

Ritter Sport - Michaela May

'Cranberry, orange nuggets and almond'

This was a milk chocolate bar crammed full of fruit and nut pieces. The chocolate was it's usual good standard, and simply just let the inner contents do the talking in the overall taste. The nuts were plentiful and crunchy, whilst both fruits were forthcoming in their juicy sweet flavours (the cranberries were especially tasty!). I have had many good fruit and nut chocolates in my time, but this one was very nice indeed. I can see Ritter Sport releasing a bar very similar to this in the near future for their permanent range - I for one wouldn't be disappointed if that was the case.

Ritter Sport - Amelie Fried

'Chilli, orange & ginger'

Ginger is not an ingredient that I have experienced with Ritter Sport before, but if this chocolate is anything to go by, we could soon have something very special lighting up the ChocolateMission rating system. As you can imagine, with both the ginger and chilli elements this was a quite a spicy chocolate, though the sweet orange oil made sure the heat generated never became too much. The aftertaste was long and warm and really left a lasting impression in the mouth. It is funny to say, but this reminded me a lot of the Christmas chocolates you get in Germany.

Ritter Sport - Caroline Link

'Ground chilli, shredded coconut and cocoa nibs'

Boy oh boy, Caroline must be a fan of spicy food ... well either that or the Ritter chocolatier got a little happy with the chilli flakes :D This was the bar I was most looking forward to trying, as I had never had the opportunity to try a flavour combination anything like this before. As I said the chilli was at times a little overwhelming (blow your head off levels of hotness!!), however there was a delicious, cooling effect generated by the milky, sweet nutty coconut that was spread generously throughout. The cocoa nibs took a bit of a back seat in terms of featuring in the taste, though they added a nice degree of crunchiness alongside the coconut bits.

Overall you guys may have noticed that there is one (or three!) things missing from today's post - the scoring charts of course!! Well, I have decided not to put a score on these bars - who am I to critique charity work!? The crux of the matter is these bars were crafted with good intentions, and it was a pleasure for me to get to feature them on this site. Ritter Sport claim to be a 'family company', and I can do little to dispute this when they are doing good deeds like this. I hope you enjoyed the post.