April 28th: Glico Pakitz Original

Kcal 122 Fat 6.3g Carbs 14.7g (per 23.4g)

I really hope you guys aren't getting bored of these Japanese themed chocolate reviews, as they have not only been coming thick and fast, but there plenty more planned for the next few days. Why the rush you ask!? Sorry for repeating myself but J-List are cutting their stock of chocolate products soon in preparation for the hot Japanese summer - hence I need to get all the samples they sent me up on site before they disappear. On show today we have this Glico Pakitz Original, which is a product consisting of 'milk chocolate with tiny crispy balls of rice, coated in a layer of wafer' - you might say that this was an 'inside-out' chocolate bar'.

Paying homage to it's own name this bar came in two separate 23.4g packs, that I shared with a work colleague over a well earned afternoon coffee break. The packaging it has to be said for a Japanese product was somewhat subdued, though the usual combination of the outer cardboard box and inner foil wrappers kept the contents in fresh shape and the bars were unscathed despite the hectic air miles. Whilst I thought the exterior design work was good, the actual product was less to my liking as it was immediately apparent that there was a problem with the chocolate not sticking to the wafer ... more on that later! Despite being well protected by the foil wrappers, the bars didn't offer much in the way of an aroma, which did little excite or raise anticipation.

As I have mentioned above there was one glaring issue with the product, with the chocolate not being in harmony with the wafer i.e. it fell out from the wafer casing straight away. This subsequently left me with two things - on one hand a random layer of pretty flavourless wafer, and the other a block of milk chocolate with small rice crispy pieces. To be honest I didn't even bother eating the wafer as soon as I realised it was just a generic and dull tasting ice cream cone like layer ... a complete waste of calories if you ask me. The milk chocolate on the other hand was a tad more exciting, and had a surprisingly strong creamy cocoa taste that I found quite enjoyable. For me the inner rice crispy pieces proved to be more of a distraction than a pleasant addition taste wise, however I will concede that brought variety in terms of textures. At the time of eating this I wasn't particularly hungry, though I guess this was pretty lucky as this probably wouldn't have done a job worth mentioning in this sense.

Overall this was far from being a disaster, however Glico have made a product that fundamentally doesn't seem to work. The idea of placing the wafer on the outside of the product may see like a funky concept, but it was flawed in it's execution as it failed to contain the inner chocolate layer like it was supposed to. When you also factor in to the equation that the actual wafer itself was just of a plain and unfancy variety (yes you can get fancy wafers), then the necessity of it's presence becomes somewhat questionable, and I for one did without it after it failed at attaching itself to the chocolate. Speaking of the chocolate, it was actually surprisingly good quality, though it wasn't like it was good enough in my mind to make up for the failings of the actual product concept. It is on this basis that I wouldn't recommend this as product that you guys and girls should bother with. There are so many options out there in the Japanese marketplace, that average products like this Glico Packitz are simply not worth wasting your money on.

6.5 out of 10