April 4th: Marks & Spencer Easter Sunday Special

Happy Easter to all my readers!!! Just to be a little different today I thought I would do a 'Bit n Bobs' style post of all the chocolate goodies I picked up in my favourite food retailer last week - Marks & Spencer. As you will see below these aren't full in depth reviews, but hey!? Who wants to get too serious on a day like today.

Marks & Spencer Chicks & Bunnies

Both of these mini chocolate varieties came foil wrappers, which were packaged in 65.0g nets. The 'Bunnies' were the simpler product out of the two, and were just 'rabbit shaped milk chocolate pieces'. The 'Chicks' you see on the left had a little more to them, and were described as 'milk chocolate with a soft chocolate centre'. Given their simplicity and smallness I couldn't see the point giving them each a score out of 10. Suffice to say they were both made with 'okish' standard chocolate - i.e. not great but passable. To give you some sort of gauge on the quality they were probably just a touch more creamy than the sugar filled rubbish you get with a lot of the big, hollow Easter eggs millions will be tucking in to today.

Marks & Spencer Bubbly Bunny

What a shame I picked this Bubbly Bunny up a few months late to be included in the 2010 Battle of the Bunnies (See HERE). This 23.0g choco-wabbit came described simply as a 'aerated milk chocolate bunny', and came packaged in a small film bag. Out of it's wrapper (that had no air holes in!!! How did it survive!???) the bunny shape was pretty intricate and I was impressed by the inner constituents which still looked pretty dense despite the large array of air pockets. In terms of chocolate quality the taste seemed a touch creamier than the smaller chocolates above, however it was still very sugary and probably only for people that enjoy their chocolate quite sweet. I wouldn't rank this bunny in the same league as the Cadbury Caramel or MaltEaster bunnies, but it holds it's own and I am sure not too many would turn their noses up at the prospect of tucking into one of these this Easter weekend.

7.6 out of 10

Marks & Spencer Gorgeously Gooey Egg
Out of everything on offer today this was the one that caught my eye right away. This M&S Gorgeously Gooey Egg constituted of a 'milk chocolate egg filled with a vanilla fondant centre' and weighed a respectable 33.0g. Now I have touched on the M&S milk chocolate enough already so lets cut right to the chase of the vanilla fondant filling. Unfortunately, whilst it looked appetising with it's viscous yellow coloured look, it neither smelt or tasted all that inspiring. The centre offered nothing in relation to any sort of vanilla flavouring, which was disappointing considering it was promised. In reality it tasted rather like the Cadbury Creme Egg fondant filling i.e. pure sugar. Now when you are Cadbury and have a more distinct, nostalgic tasting outer chocolate this is a little easier to get away with, but unfortunately the chocolate on offer here was neither of them. This wasn't an awful chocolate egg, but it was very much a case of sounding better than it was.

7.2 out of 10

Marks & Spencer Rattle & Roll Egg

Who remembers the Kinnerton Shake 'ems egg I reviewed back in February!? Well some bright spark at M&S thought it would be a good idea to have a comparable product on offer in their range this year. The proposition of 'a milk chocolate egg filled with chocolate pearls' just so happened to be just as weak as Kinnerton's offering, though the milk chocolate was possibly just a touch less sugary on balance. Similarly to what I found in the Kinnerton egg the inner candy pieces simply sucked big time! I know this is a product aimed for kids, but surely even they are going to want mum and dad to buy them a Cadbury Creme Egg rather than one of these bad boys. If you happen to come in to one of the possession of these in the next few days I would try playing a sneaky bit of swapsies with your family or friends :D

5.8 out of 10

Well this wasn't the best selection of chocolates to showcase to you all on Easter Sunday but they were all at least good looking, harmless Easter offerings. Hopefully by the time you have read this post today you will be ill at the thought of eating anymore of the chocolate egg you got given this weekend :D ... let me know what you got and what you gifted.