April 7th: Galaxy Counters *** Competition ***

Kcal 185 Fat 10.2g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 20.8g (per 35.0g portion)

Last week, just like every other chocolate blogger in the UK I was contacted by a PR agency on behalf of Mars and was offered the opportunity to sample these new Galaxy Counters. Of course I said 'send them right over', but I did insist that they give my readers the opportunity to also try them aswell (See Below!!).

So what are Galaxy Counters??? Why of course you will have read the article I posted a few weeks ago in my '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' post so you already know that ;) - (See HERE). For those who have forgotten I can reveal they come described as 'smooth and creamy milk chocolate pieces', and are about the size of a 2p coin. To put it another way they are simply Galaxy Minstrels, but just without the hard sugar coating (i.e. the things that have been in Revels since like forever!).

These new Galaxy Counters came in a 140.0g pouch that I managed to demolish in one sitting with the help of a few hungry work colleagues. As you will see above the packaging is 100% aligned to the rest of the Galaxy range and incorporates the usual cream and brown colours. The only exception is the pink coloured 'Counters' branding, which I think we can safely attribute to Mars going after a female demographic. Please before all you WI members starting reaching for the e-mail button, Mars have said that this is the marketing policy for their latest 'innovations' - I still think it looks pretty modern and cool anyway :P

So what did these Galaxy Counters bring to the party that Galaxy chocolate hasn't already!? Well to be honest absolutely nothing. These Counters retained exactly the same sweet, creamy flavours that you get from a normal bar of Galaxy, but obviously just in a different shaped format. That may sound like a bit of a negative thing but believe me this isn't so. These Counters tasted utterly delicious and delivered a sweet and creamy cocoa taste that became ever increasingly moreish with each handful. Compared with the Galaxy Minstrels that suffer at the hands of those dastardly sugar coated shells (See HERE), these Counters were much to my preference. One thing I do feel the need to mention though is that compared to a standard bar I didn't feel these Counters were as satisfying, as the smaller disc pieces didn't have the longevity or the presence in the mouth compared to the blocks.

Overall I would still on the balance of things give these Galaxy Counters a thumbs up, but it would certainly be a hugely tentative one. Given that Counters are just another format of original Galaxy chocolate I was never going to have a problem with the actual product itself. To my tastebuds, Galaxy is becoming increasingly sugary and sweet (could just be me or it could be a recipe change!?), however I still perceive the taste to be pleasantly creamy and the way it melts with it's distinct smooth thickness, still makes it superior to many of the other mass produced options on the UK market. What I do have a problem with however is the lack of true innovation we are getting from the way of Mars Inc ... do these Counters taste nice? ... well yes!! .... was there ever a consumer need for them? ..... errr no!! What I find painstakingly bad about these is that there is probably a whole division of people at Mars who work on R&D and innovation. Unless the long term plan is to rid of the Minstrels and replace them with Counters then these are just another 'innovation' that we all don't need. First Treets and now Counters!? Come on Mars step up your innovation game.

8.1 out of 10


Having just read the above review/rant why not reward yourself by entering this Galaxy Counters competition. The winner will be chosen randomly by all entries sent to Jim{@}Chocolatemission.net and will be notified by the 14th of April.

The question is ...

'What size pouch/packet do Galaxy Counters come in?'

a) 14.0g
b) 140.0g
c) 240.0g

(usual competition rules apply 1. Only UK, 2. One entry per person 3. Anything I say goes etc etc)