May 10th: GU Liquid Caramel Chocs

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

If you take a glance over to your left at the leaderboard you will be well aware that chocolate and caramel is one of my favourite combinations ever. As classical (another word for boring!) as you all may think it is, I have a real love for many different chocolate caramel products - ranging from the mass produced bars like Cadbury Caramel (See HERE), all the way up to the higher end market offerings such as L'Artisan du Chocolat's Salted Caramels (See HERE). Despite running this site for nearly 3 years now I don't think I am any sort of chocolate expert, however I would like to think I know a good quality chocolate caramel when I taste one. Facing the ChocolateMission rating system today we have these GU Liquid Caramel Chocs, and I had great hopes for them considering how much I enjoyed the GU Millionaire Caramel Flapjacks.

On pack these Caramel Chocs came described as 'liquid caramel enhanced with a hint of sea salt, encased in dark chocolate', and came in 110.0g box priced at £2.99. The outer packaging was simplistic, yet effective in it's decoration and I liked the real stand out that the white GU logo had against the usual black background. Some may think that it is a little plain, but it had all the necessary information and displayed it displayed it in a manner that gave the impression it was a premium product. Inside things weren't quite as much to my liking as the inner pieces were kept within a plastic transparent packet. The chocolates themselves were also disappointingly small in size and were only about the width of a 5p piece.

Opening the plastic packet I was met with quite a curious set of scents which at first started off cocoa led, although then took a turn with an odd spicy pepperyness. Thankfully the smell didn't really indicate the eventual taste, however I have to say that overall these were still very disappointing. As I have mentioned above the chocolates were very small, so it wasn't surprising that the outer dark chocolate was very thin. The dusting of outer powder was a nice touch but even with it the cocoa flavour hit generated did not have much longevity, which was especially disappointing given that the chocolate was smooth and pretty pleasant in it's unsweetened cocoa flavour delivery. Inside the filling was even more disappointing as it lacked many of the fundamental things that make a good caramel. The taste was sugary and floral hinted, yet it lacked any sort of buttery, toffee notes and even more annoyingly the promised lick of salt was nowhere to be seen. To be honest I willingly letting my co-workers scoff most of the box as to me they just weren't worth the calories.

Overall the scoring chart for these looks really ugly, but I am afraid they were pretty bad compared to most other chocolate caramel alternatives that there are on the market. Starting with the few positives, the presentation was pretty good, the textures were fine, and the outer chocolate actually wasn't bad and only really suffered because of how thinly it was implemented. Unfortunately the negatives vastly outweigh the positives when it comes to these GU Liquid Caramel Chocs. Starting with the most fundamental thing, the caramel, was simply abysmal. It tasted like a very cheap tasting sugary substance that lacked any of the richer notes that all good caramels have. What made the caramel probably worse in my mind was the fact that it was supposed to be salt hinted, which just simply wasn't reality at all. Having tried a few GU products in the past with great success, these have to go down as a really disappointing effort from the brand. It is not often I do this, but I would strongly suggest that you guys avoid these.

5.7 out of 10