May 12th: Cadbury Huesitos Leche

Kcal 105 Fat 5.1g Carbs 12.6g (per 20.0g bar)

Finishing off my reviews of the products I picked up in Spain, I today bring you my views on this Cadbury Huesitos Leche bar. Rewind your minds back a few days to my review of the original Cadbury Huesitos bar, and you may remember me asking the question - why does this bar exist? The reason I was begging that question was because it was simply just a poorer version of the Cadbury Tokke- a bar I reviewed just a few days earlier - See HERE. Despite not being too impressed with the original bar I was more looking forward to trying this 'Leche' variety - that is 'Milk' to all you non-Spanish lingual readers. On the wrapper it came billed as 'crunchy wafer bars with a milk creme filling, covered in milk chocolate'.

Unlike the original Huesitos, this Leche flavour came in a more sensible double 20.0g finger size. The wrapper wasn't all that different to the standard bar, though the 'Milk' flavour variation was clearly indicated with an on-pack picture displaying a distinctive white creme like substance sitting between the layers of wafer biscuit. Unwrapping the outer foil coating I was met with a mixture of dairy and biscuity smells that became increasingly stronger once I broken one of the fingers in half. Just as promised on the wrapper, it was nice to see that the inner cream layers were white as snow, and they certainly gave the cross-section some real aesthetic interest.

So did the replacement of the chocolate creme with a milk creme layer blow my mind!? ... err no not really :D As I was well expecting the chocolate and wafer constituents didn't vary at all from the original to this Leche bar, and both gave the same contribution to both taste and texture. The outer chocolate was ok in thickness and generated a familiar milky, sweet Cadbury chocolate flavour hit to each bite. The inner wafers were similarly average and were crisp to the bite and added mild notes of malt and wheat. Whereas the chocolate creme in the original Huesitos just went on to further reaffirm the flavours of the outer chocolate, the milk creme in this Leche variant slightly twisted the taste and gave it an additional burst of dairy, cream based flavours. In comparison to the chocolate creme, the taste wasn't necessarily any better or any worse - it was simply just a little different. As I have mentioned already above, it was good that this bar came in a double finger serving size, and unsurprisingly I found it far more satisfying for it being so.

Overall this Huesitos Leche bar has scored better than the original offering, but it could easily be argued that it has just picked up cheap points for being double the size. To be honest I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite out of the two Huesitos bars, as when it comes down to it there is really very little difference between the two. In Europe chocolate wafer bars are ten-a-penny but these are both probably just a bit better than your average offering. If it were up to me I would have improved them by making the outer chocolate thicker - like the proportion you get on a Kit Kat, and I perhaps would have suggested a dash of honey to the wafers to make them more flavoursome. Without wasting anymore words what this all boils down to, is that both the Huesitos bars are pretty average offerings. I wouldn't say either are worth you spending your monies to import, but if you are in Spain anytime soon and fancy a small snack they would do a sound job.

7.2 out of 10