May 14th: Zotter Honey Trio

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Zotter haven't appeared on this website since October 2009, when the Black Cherries with Vanilla registered a rather disappointing score of 6.8 out of of 10 on the ChocolateMission rating system (See HERE). Perhaps it was that score which upset Mr Zotter, but after a little love via Twitter he has finally forgiven me and sent me samples of his latest handscooped bars*. Included in the batch he sent along this Honey Trio bar was the one that chaught the eye of my honey loving father. Given that I was visiting home for the weekend it seemed only rude not to open it up to see if the 'fine bitter chocolate filled with honey, honey jelly and honey crunch' was as good as it sounded.

The 'handscooped' (why is it called that!?) bar came in the usual 70.0g format, which I split with the old man (I hope he doesn't read this!!). I have said this about Zotter products before so excuse for repeating myself, but the point needs reiterating that the packaging and presentation is always first class. Personally I think the wrappers perfectly manage to pull off a funky, yet sophisticated look, and I hope you agree that the outer sleeve looks very cool with the weird looking bees artwork. Inside things got a bit more serious, with the thick golden foil mantaining the bar in perfect condition, and the cross-section revealing a mind boggling four different layers. Once I had finally managed to comprehend how Zotter had crafted four layers in to the thin bar, I next took great delight in the rich cocoa scents that were being offered - YUM!

Up until this point Zotter were really delivering the goods - the look, the smell and the packaging already had big ticks, but it was down to the taste to deliver in the last box. One thing I think Zotter can be relied on to do is deliver the goods with their chocolate, and their 60.0% did little to prove me wrong. Despite the thin outer layer the dark chocolate was extremely flavoursome and brought a strong cocoa flavour hit to the party with it's smooth, rich buttery taste. The chocolate was quite strong and edgy, however the bitterness balance was perfectly managed with the strong sweetness of the honey constituents. Given that all the inner layers were so compact it was impossible to tell which out of the real honey, jelly and crunch elements delivered the delicious tasting sugary, floral honey flavours. Whilst I couldn't pick them out in the taste, what was highly noticeable was the different textures they brought to the party, with each bite a delivering an array of moist, crispy, jelly like sensations. Coming from a guy that eats a lot of chocolate this was an exciting bar to eat - my old man thought it was superb!

Overall Zotter make some great flavour combinations, and they make some poor ones - but something you can't excuse them of is never being innovative. Like I have previously found, it is because of this brashness why they can't always be relied to deliver consistent high quality, but this bar was up there with the best I have eaten this year. At the heart of each bite the dark chocolate was of a great quality, whilst the inner honey layers were delightfully variable texture wise, and did a splendid job bringing some sweet and tasty honey flavours to the experience. I have previously begged manufactures to bring out a high quality honey based chocolate, and Mr Zotter and co obliged with this terrific chocolate bar. It was well presented, tasted great and was a satisfying - you can't ask for anything more than that now can you!? As I have said above, I don't always think that Zotter get their extravagant flavours on the money, but this more sensible combination would be the perfect chocolate for any honey dark chocolate lover. This Honey Trio comes very highly recommended - it is the best Zotter bar I have eaten yet.

8.8 out of 10

* Before anyone complains that is a joke I am allowed to write what I want - we just hadn't made contact for a while!