May 16th: Cadbury Crunchie Rocks

Kcal 235 Fat 10.5g Fat(sats) 6.4g Carbs 32.7g (per 1/3 bag)

Just last week Cadbury sent out a press release which announced the launch of three new products for the UK market (See HERE). The first two were inevitable new pack sizes for existing products which we have been expecting for some time - the Cadbury Wispa Duo and the smaller 39.0g sized pouches of Cadbury Nibbles. The third product talked about in the announcement however, was an entirely new one called Cadbury Crunchie Rocks, which were described as 'Crunchie honeycomb pieces, with golden cornflakes, tumbled in Cadbury milk chocolate'. Only a few days after reading that article, I found them on sale in my local Co-operative store for the pricey sum of £2.00 - I guess that is what you have to expect buying things from a convenience store in central London.

Just as they did with previous products like the Nibbles and the Clusters, Cadbury have launched these Crunchie Rocks in a 145.0g pouch, so this gave me opportunity to get some second opinions from some of my work colleagues. Packaging and presentation wise I thought these were a mixed bag - apologies for the awful pun! In terms of the pouch, the presentation is first class. The Golden Crunchie colours and branding are captured superbly and I think the matted pouch material gives the pack great stand out like it does with both the Clusters and the Nibbles. Whilst the packaging gets a thumbs up, I can't say the same about the aesthetics of the product. Just like I observed in my Clusters review, the inner pieces had dirty looking scuffed surfaces that didn't strike as looking all that fresh.

My disappointment at the poor looking chocolates didn't last all that long, as my mind was soon distracted by the gorgeous Cadbury chocolate scents that filled the air as soon as I ripped open the pouch. I have said it many a time before, but I just love the smell of Cadbury chocolate - I just get a comforting familiarity from the sweet dairy chocolate smells. Speaking of familiarity, it was also very much the name of the game when it came to taste, as the Cadbury milk chocolate took the lion share of the focus. The chocolate on offer here was Cadbury's 14% cocoa recipe, and it certainly did the job delivering the milky cocoa flavour hit for each mouthful. As I have previously reported, I think this secondary recipe isn't a million miles off the quality of their Dairy Milk chocolate, however there is a definite difference in the taste with the sugar and cream balance tilting more towards the sweeter side of things. At the heart of each cluster piece the cornflakes and honeycomb bits did a sterling job delivering the promised crisp, crunchy textures. At the point of the pieces being chewed, the Crunchie rocks released short, sharp bursts of sweet honey flavours, though the cornflake cereal created little impact on the taste in comparison. Shared across three of us the 145.0g bag only lasted a matter of minutes, but I felt a decent amount of satisfaction having consumed my fair share.

Overall I don't think Cadbury Crunchie Rocks are going to be shaking up the confectionery landscape anytime soon, but I think they are a relatively nice addition to the Cadbury range. In comparison to the now departed Cadbury Crunchie Nuggets (See HERE), I found them a more satisfying and fulfilling product, which was definitely a result of the cluster like format they came in. The Cadbury Crunchie bar itself is a product I enjoy on a very sporadic basis, but I like the idea of the Crunchie brand being extended in to sharing occasions. I think this new format is a sensible addition for the brand given that the normal bar isn't suitable for anything other than single person consumption - just think about how messy breaking apart a Crunchie is! For that reason, and more importantly because they taste pretty damn good, I give these a ChocolateMission thumbs up. They aren't the most exciting or innovative product we will ever see, but like the Cadbury Nibbles I think they have a purpose - its good to share after all :D

7.8 out of 10