May 18th: Heavenly Cakes Toffee Tiffin

Kcal 484 Fat 27.4g Fat(sats) 16.9g Carbs 59.1g (per 100.0g)

Ever since I posted my first Heavenly Cakes review two weeks ago, readers have been e-mailing me almost daily asking me when I will be reviewing certain products that they have obviously been tempted by on the Heavenly Cakes website. One of the most commonly mentioned cakes that I keep being asked about is the Toffee Tiffin, which on the website is described as a sinful concoction of 'crunchy biscuits, sweet sultanas, topped with caramel and smothered in Belgian milk chocolate'. Given the fantastic proposition I guess it should come as little surprise that this was one of the products to catch many a ChocolateMission readers eye. My job today, along with some ever willing taste testers was to see whether it lived up to the high expectations.

As with the other Heavenly Cakes products I have reviewed over the past few weeks, this batch of Toffee Toffin came in a giftpack sized amount which weighed in at a monstrous 750.0g!!! Having commented on the exterior packaging twice already I will spare you the finer details - see previous reviews HERE. One thing I will not be glossing over however, was how gorgeous the Tiffin slices looked - again I hope my photos have done justice to this. Once removed from the silver tray the layering of the slices was in full view, and boy did they look tempting. The base of each slice had visible chunks of biscuit and raisins, whilst the caramel and chocolate layers placed above looked plentifully portioned. Aesthetically they were begging to be bit into - believe me we all very much obliged.

In comparison to the Millionaires Shortbread and Flapjack cakes, these Toffee Tiffin slices emanated some very strong chocolatey aromas that straight away set the tone of the taste. Biting into the slice, the first raft of flavours that came through were of rich, unsweetened cocoa, which immediately delivered a substantial chocolate flavour hit. Supplementing these base chocolatey flavours, elements of butter, vanilla and brown sugar came to the party thanks to the crunchy digestive biscuit pieces that were dispersed throughout. In addition to the biscuits, the sultanas were equally well distributed, and they brought sweet, fruity hints that contrasted nicely with the plain chocolate flavours. This delicious Tiffin base on it's own would of frankly been indulgent enough, however the the experience was taken a few dimensions further with the presence of the caramel and upper chocolate constituents. The caramel layer especially was very welcome, as it's chewy, sticky viscosity gave the texture some added denseness, whilst the sweet butter flavours further enhanced the incredible taste. I needn't probably reiterate that the 33.6% Belgian milk chocolate was again gloriously smooth in melt, and superbly creamy in taste just like it was on both the Flapjacks and Millionaires Shortbreads. On a side note we split the 750.0g package in to twelve slices, which was a nice serving size despite being half the amount suggested by Heavenly Cakes originally.

Overall these Toffee Tiffin slices not only met my expectations, but also managed to exceed them, and thus have to go down as another superb Heavenly Cakes offering. If this hadn't been the case, this would of been a hard review to write given the amount of interest these seem to have generated with ChocolateMission readers. Luckily writing this post wasn't hard at all as they were every bit as good as they looked, and subsequently have definitely earned my seal of approval. The only issue I had writing this review was that I was running out of superlatives - as nearly every single element of this product warranted one. At the heart of the product, the Tiffin base was terrific, with the plain chocolate straightaway taking a firm grip on the taste within the light and crumbly texture that was studded generously with biscuit and fruit pieces. Supplementing this base quite superbly, the additional layers of caramel and Belgian chocolate just further took the taste a stage further by compounding the rich chocolate flavours and bringing a nice degree of chewiness to the lighter Tiffin foundation. If Tiffin is your cake of choice then I would strongly recommend you try these from Heavenly Cakes - more to come next week!

8.7 out of 10