May 1st: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 41

### Jim's Corner ###

Hi All,

Firstly I have to start off by saying thank you for all the kind words you have all sent me through your e-mails, comment and tweets this past in regards to my 1000th post. I hope you have all entered the competition (See HERE if you haven't).

Please remember that there is a special prize for the person who can supply me with the evidence that they have gone above and beyond to help spread the word about the competition.

Last week I said that I would be giving you all feedback on your suggestions of how to improve the site. I have decided that since these are all still coming in with the competition entries I will leave my responses a while longer. I have loved some the ideas so far - please keep them coming, I am reading each and every one.

In a bid to keep this short and snappy - enjoy your long May bank holiday weekends! Coming soon (in the next week or so!!) we have reviews of the Ritter Sport summer variants, Hotel Chocolat's summer range and Heavenly Cakes making their first ChocolateMission appearance. Surely there will be some decent stuff in there!


News from the chocolate market

* McVitie's have just announced the launch of these Medley bars. They sound nice - See HERE

* Chilli and chocolate flavoured meatballs anyone? - See HERE

* I announced the launch of these Cherry flavoured Cadbury Mini Rolls a few weeks ago, but here are some more details - See HERE

* Oh no ... chocolate now isn't good for us :D - See HERE

* With the UK election race hotting up the Lib Dems have gone as far as trying to sweeten voters with their own 33% cocoa chocolate ... no surprise that it wasn't produced by Kraft - See HERE

Posts from other blogs I enjoyed this week

* GiGi Reviews - Last week Gi went in to writing over drive chronicling her adventures at the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont! These are seriously worth reading if you love their ice cream - See HERE

* The Impulsive Buy - We think our UK election is the hottest voting race going!? Nuh-uh! Not according to Marvo. Check out his reviews of the latest Mountain Dew - Dewmocracy flavours - See HERE

* Japense Snack Reviews - It has been a week of Japanese snacks here on ChocolateMission, but these guys do it for a living. Check out their Lotte Crunky Biscuit review - See HERE

* CandyBlog - Cybele posted her reviews of the new Ritter Sport Spring flavours. She was similarly disappointed by the Vanilla flavour - See HERE

* Foodstufffinds - Seemingly not a week goes by that Cin doesn't manage to come across a new product that I want to try. This week its these new flamed steak flavoured Kettle Chips - See HERE

Updated Reviews of old

New photos have been added to some of my old Twix reviews - take a look! Special thanks to ChocolateMission reader Alan for the Polish Twix Dark!!

* Twix Dark (Polish & UK) - See HERE
* Twix - See HERE