May 20th: Lindt Excellence Coffee Intense

Kcal 500 Fat 31.0g Fat(sats) 19.0g Carbs 49.0g (per 100.0g)

Having tried a ridiculous amount of chocolates over the past two years I sometimes lose track of what I have/haven't reviewed. This is exactly the reason why it has taken me within the region of two plus years to get around to trying this Lindt Excellence Coffee Intense - I simply thought I had reviewed it before. Well after a request from ChocolateMission reader Mark I realised this wasn't actually the case so I went about seeking one out in my local Tesco supermarket. Long time ChocolateMission readers will be all to aware that I am a big fan of coffee flavoured chocolate, thus the prospect of 'fine dark chocolate with an aromatic taste of Arabica coffee' sounded right up my street.

Forming part of the standard Lindt Excellence range this bar came in a 100.0g format that was split into twelve medium sized blocks. The packaging varied very little at all from the other Excellence variants incorporating the familiar gold font and clean design work that radiated the usual Lindt quality. The chocolate inside looked immaculately formed and separated with a terrific cracking sound when separated into smaller pieces. As much as it was enjoyable to look at the intensely dark coloured chocolate I couldn't help but also be consumed with the strong aromas I detected, with rich scents of cocoa and roasted coffee beans on offer.

Being the Lindt Excellence geek I am I tried guessing the strength of the chocolate by tasting it before looking at the back of the packaging. I tell no lie - I was only 3% out (sad eh!?) with my guess of 50% cocoa being marginally above that of the proclaimed 47% on the outer cardboard box. In terms of strength this was not the most intensely flavoured dark chocolate I have ever had but it was still full of flavour and wonderfully progressive - especially when it came to the introduction of the coffee element to the party (most over used phrase ever!?) later on in the taste. Eating each block in halves this chocolate was best consumed when placed on the tongue and left to melt as it allowed the initial milk softened cocoa flavours to fully develop and express themselves before the aftertaste kick of the coffee came in. Indeed, in the latter stages of the melt the roasted bean flavours of the coffee kicked in nicely and became increasingly stronger as the chocolate smoothly melted away leaving the small coffee granules on the tongue. As you may have guessed from the scoring chart below this was a rich tasting chocolate and as enjoyable as it was I felt no need to eat more than 2 blocks per sitting.

Overall this is another fine example of great quality from the Lindt Excellence range and was one of the tastiest chocolates I have had since the my reviews of the Hotel Chocolat offerings last month. A common problem with the majority of coffee flavoured chocolates is that often the coffee element is understated in the taste, however this was not the issue here where the 'Coffee Intense' name was really a reality. If I was being picky I would have perhaps liked to have seen Lindt use one of their stronger dark chocolate recipes - perhaps their 70% or 85% recipes would have made this chocolate even better? Maybe not? One thing I can conclude for certain though is that if you like your dark chocolate and coffee chocolates this is definitely an option I would recommend you try. One thing I really appreciate is consistency with quality and I believe this is one thing the Lindt Excellence range always delivers on. This Coffee Intense is just yet another fine example of what they can offer.

9.0 out of 10