May 22nd: Orero Brownie

Kcal 340 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 57.0g (per brownie)

The review backlog is getting increasingly larger here on ChocolateMission so this week you are being treated to an extra review instead of the normal '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' post. The reason why the reviews are stacking up so high at the moment, is because I have recently received several deliveries from various site sponsors. One of these companies, Yankee Soda & Candy (a UK based merchant who sell American goods - See website HERE), were the providers of today's product - Kraft Nasbisco's Oreo Brownie. Informing you guys of the product description seems a bit of a pointless task given it's simplicity, but what the hell, it was billed as a 'brownie baked with real Oreo pieces' ... oh really now!?

The brownie came a largish 85.0g format, which I split with a fellow taste tester. From the outset the packaging created a real impression on me, and I was drawn in by both the cool looking Oreo branding on the wrapper, as well as the cheeky areas of transparency which showed off the inner brownie. Removing the brownie from the packet, an array of pleasant baked cake and Oreo biscuit smells became evident. These aromas managed to further my intrigue, which was already sky high thanks to the rather cool aesthetic effect created by the chunks of Oreo cookies visible in the brownie.

Getting straight in to details of the taste test, this product didn't give a freshly baked, straight out the oven brownie experience, but it would have been unrealistic to think it would do so. The chocolate and sweet cake flavours it did deliver were of a more than satisfying quality, and the Oreo pieces brought the cookie flavours to life in nearly every single bite. At this point I would love to continue to lavish the praise on this brownie, however from the outset it was apparent there there was a pretty glaring issue with this product, and it became increasingly detrimental with each mouthful. My main issue (that my fellow taste tester agreed with I may add) was that the texture of the brownie was just way too dry. The brownie needed some sort of icing, or inner filling to balance the dryness of both the brownie and the cookie pieces. The combination of them both created a saliva sponge, and even though I a glass of milk on standby, it still felt like it created a vacuum in the mouth. On reflection, I think I would have struggled to eat one of these by myself if I was faced with that prospect - half provided a more than substantial snack.

Overall Kraft Nabisco got a lot of things right with this product, but the texture and feel of the brownie in the mouth stood out like a sore thumb, and thus has limited it's score on the ChocolateMission rating system. In regards to taste this brownie wasn't the best tasting one I have had recently (check back Tuesday for that haha!!) but it certainly more than held up it's part of the bargain in delivering a fair standard base brownie with an extra cookie punch from the Oreos. Considering the product in that regard, and in light of the packaging and proposition, it would almost certainly be something I would recommend you all try. Unfortunately the texture inhibits me from being able to do just that, as for me it did somewhat spoil the overall experience. What is really frustrating is that this could have been so easily avoided had they just included a layer of Oreo cookie creme running through the middle of the product - why on earth didn't they do this? If you are a fan of Oreo cookies and are a lover of brownies you will probably want to try this and I don't blame you. Just make sure you have a couple of pints of milk to wash it down with.

7.3 out of 10

Fancy trying this for yourself? Visit Yankee Soda & Candy CLICK HERE