May 25th: Heavenly Cakes Billionaires Cakes

Kcal 512 Fat 28.8g Fat(sats) 13.9g Carbs 63.5g (per 100.0g)

I don't know about you, but when it comes to food I am one of those people that always likes to save the best bit until last. Whether it be the last bite of toast with the thickest bit peanut butter on, or the orange jelly filling in the middle of each and every Jaffa Cake - it's just way I work. Long time ChocolateMission readers will have noticed that I approach my review writing in the same manner, in that whenever I get a box full of samples from anyone, I always try and leave my favourite product until last - it's always nice to end on a positive note if at all possible. Apologies if I have given the game away already, but there was no point trying to contain my love for these Heavenly Cakes Billionaires Cakes (See Website HERE) until the end of this review. If you don't like reading reviews where the writer repeats superlatives over and over, I strongly suggest you stop reading now.

Having brought Millionaires Shortbread, Chocolate Falpjacks and Toffee Tiffin cakes in to the office over the last month, my work colleagues were no doubt anxiously waiting to see what they would be treated to this week. Obviously I couldn't disappoint them, so I brought in a 650.0g gift pack of these Billionaires Cakes, which came described as 'Belgian milk chocolate brownies, covered with rich caramel & Belgian milk chocolate with white chocolate drops'. I have already commented on the packaging and presentation standards of Heavenly Cakes products previously (See HERE), and things were again of a very high standard. As with all the previous products I have reviewed from Heavenly Cakes, aesthetically the Billionaires really created an impression on all that tried them.

Once I had divided the giftpack in to sensible sized slices, the 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' quickly changed focus on to the absolutely amazing smells of freshly baked brownies that emanated from each slice. As good as the aromas were, it wasn't as if any of us waited around long before putting these cakes through the all important taste test - the two words 'simply delicious' would best describe what we were in for. The brownie base tasted just as good as it smelt, with it's crumbly soft texture supplementing the amazing buttery, rich chocolate cake taste outstandingly. I probably needn't tell you all about how brilliant the layers of caramel and Belgian chocolate were, as I have hammered this point home on previous reviews, but again they were absolutely glorious. The caramel was chewy and viscous in texture, and totally delectable with it's creamy sweet, salted hint flavours. The milk chocolate sat on top just rounded each bite off wonderfully - with the cream based cocoa flavours delivered smoothly and fluently throughout the duration of the soft melt. All three layers combined made for one of the richest, flavoursome cakes I have ever tasted. It wasn't anything you needed, or would want to eat in large quantities, but it was totally satisfying and left one and all feeling very content.

Overall if you told me three weeks ago that I would be awarding a cake product a higher mark than I gave the Heavenly Cakes Millionaires Shortbreads, I would of thought you had gone a bit lala, but these Heavenly Cakes Billionaires Cakes managed to do just that. Everything about them was magnificent, and the combination of the presentation, the aromas and sumptuous taste just left me with a feeling of grand satisfaction. Like I have said about pretty much everything Heavenly Cakes have sent me over the last month, I wouldn't recommend for the sake of your health or wallet that you make these an everyday purchase. For any special occasion, or just if you feel in need of a real treat, I can't recommend these enough. Those who want to believe I have a vested interest in saying a sponsors product is good, I would love for you try these and let me know what you think - I think after your first bite of these Billionaires Cakes you would harbour those feelings rather quickly. I am still a huge advocate of the aforementioned Shortbreads, however I have to say that these Billionaires were quite possibly some of the best cakes I have ever tasted. That is a pretty statement to make, but I feel pretty confident saying it considering a good proportion of the other ten people I shared them with thought similarly. When it comes to money being a Millionaire is great, but being a Billionaire is even better - the same can be said about Heavenly Cakes.

9.2 out of 10