May 4th: Heavenly Cakes Millionaires Shortbread

Kcal 494 Fat 25.6g Fat(sats) 3.2g Carbs 64.2g

For the past few days I have been inundated with readers e-mailing me asking me who Heavenly Cakes are, and how they are associated with ChocolateMission. Well I can reveal that Heavenly Cakes (run by the very friendly Nigel & Maeve) are an online, homemade cakes company established only this year, originating in Hertfordshire, England. If you take a look at their site you will see photos of their products which can only be classified as foodporn (See HERE), but if you sit tight for just a minute I will take you through my review of their Millionaire Shortbread offering. As many of you will know, it is a very poorly kept secret of mine that Millionaire Shortbread (if it is good quality!) sends me weak a the knees. I guess it was no surprise then when Nigel and Maeve decided to make their ChocolateMission debut by sending along some of their freshly made 'all-butter shortbread, covered in Dulce de Leche caramel, smothered in Belgian milk chocolate'.

Being the nice people that that they are, Nigel and Maeve sent me a 'gift pack' sized serving of this Millionaire Shortbread, which weighed in at hefty 725.0g (about 15 man sized servings). As I have said I am huge fan of Millionaire Shortbread, but not even I could possibly justify saving this all to myself, so conducted the usual acid test of sharing with my work colleagues. The packaging and presentation was obviously the first thing I took notice of, and I have to say that it came to my relative surprise that it was very good. The outer cardboard box wasn't anything overly amazing design wise, though it does have to be said that the vinyl finished cardboard used was very smart, and the transparent window at the front allowed ample opportunity to see what was inside. If you have taken the effort to take a peek at the Heavenly Cakes website it most likely that you will have noticed the amazing pictures they have of their cakes. Being the pessimistic person I am, I thought these photos would be too good to be true, but a quick dig in to the silver foil try and the first slice revealed itself to be just as tempting as the pictures on the website, with the chocolate and caramel layers looking just as thick and plentiful.

Once all marvelling at how good the cake slices looked was over, the next thing I took notice of was the buttery, biscuit smells that were being emanated. I can't quite say they were bakery fresh, but they still managed to further increase anticipation for my first bite. As is plain to see in the pictures, these cakes were very thick in terms of depth, so just small little helpings at a time made for the richest of chocolate, caramel fixes. One thing that was playing on my mind before I tasted these, was that no matter how thick and plentiful the chocolate and caramel layers were, there was going to be little point in them being so if they were of a poor standard. It only took one bite to lay all these fears to rest - both the chocolate and the caramel were absolutely delicious! Starting off with the chocolate layer it had nice cream based taste which reminded me of softer Galaxy chocolate with it's sweet finish and loving feel on the tongue. The caramel was equally as good and brought all the desired toffee, brown sugar and minor salt notes to the taste with it's soft chewiness. Lastly the biscuit base was similarly enjoyable, with the shortbread buttery wheat flavours and bursts of white sugar and further salt notes rounding off what was a sinfully rich taste.

Overall these were nothing short of the finest Millionaire Shortbread cakes I have ever tasted, and I certainly wasn't alone in this thinking as a number of my work colleagues agreed. The previous product to hold this title was of course the Thorntons Mini Millionaire Shortbreads, and I can still see myself buying them on occasion as they are still very good in their own right and are a fraction of the cost. Frankly though, when it comes to quality these Heavenly Cakes are in a league of their own, with everything about them making for a nigh on perfect Millionaire Shortbread. Exceeding even my own expectations the chocolate and (especially) caramel layers stood out as being nothing less than 100% delicious. They were packed full of creamy sweet flavours, were insanely rich, and most notably were so wonderfully fresh tasting. The people I shared these with are pretty used to me bringing sweet treats in to the office, though never before have so many of them asked where I bought/obtained something from. For the sake of your health and your wallet and I wouldn't encourage anyone to be making these an everyday purchase, but as a treat or a special occasion I can promise you that you can't go wrong here. Coming from a guy that never promises anything, you will hopefully get some understanding as to how much I rate these. More Heavenly Cakes coming soon!

9.1 out of 10