May 7th: Cadbury Huesitos

Kcal 95 Fat 4.7g Carbs 11.9g (per 20.0g bar)

If you take a look back a couple of days you will see my first ever Spanish chocolate review in the form of the Cadbury Tokke bar (See Here). Just as I said in that write up, the Tokke was not the only bar I bought on my recent holiday - I also manged to pick up two different variants of another Spanish Cadbury range called Huesitos. Taking a look at the first one today, I first of all feel the need to inform you that Huesitos translated from Spanish to English means 'Bones'. I wasn't all that sure about the name, but the proposition of 'milk chocolate covered wafers with a milk chocolate creme filling' sounded much more familiar and not all that different to the Tokke.

The Huesitos is available in quite a few different forms in Spain, though the bar I picked up was smallish 20.0g single finger bar. Looking at the wrapper it was a little less distinctive and classy looking than the Tokke, but it still had a relative appeal with the silver foil branded very clearly with the Huesitos logo giving a nice vibrant look (still note the small sized Cadbury brand logo!!). Undone from it's foil dressing the bar looked pretty generic, however from a more positive POV it at least had some distinct layering and was fairly enticing with it's sweet, chocolatey biscuit scents.

I have to admit up until this point I wasn't all that enamoured by the prospect of 'yet another chocolate wafer bar' but I am glad to say that it turned out to be slightly better than your average thanks to a small dose of creamy Cadbury chocolate magic. As you can see from the photo above the outer chocolate wasn't all that thick, but it still yielded with a nice snap once the bar had been left to chill in the fridge for a while. In regards to flavours the chocolate was just a small touch above what I would deem as the average market offering, and brought a minor, yet noticeable creamier dairy taste than you would get from your average chocolate. As expected the inner wafers were crunchy but were pretty flavourless aside from some minor wheaty malt flavours. The intermittent layers of inner chocolate creme offered nothing that the outer coating didn't in terms of flavours, though their presence was very much necessary as it was needed to moisten the dry wafer constituents. I don't think it will surprise any of you to hear that the 20.0g wasn't all that fulfilling but it wasn't as if anything else could be expected from such a light, wafer based product.

Overall this Cadbury Huesitos isn't a bad chocolate wafer bar by any means, but at the end of the day the likes of Nestle's Kit Kat, the Lindt Wafer and even the Cadbury Tokke does make it somewhat unworthwhile. What I don't quite understand is how Cadbury Espana can justify having both the Tokke and this original Huesitos in it's range architecture!? When you compare them both side-by-side the Tokke is just a better version of this Huesitos. From what I remember when I bought them the price wasn't all that different, (around 1 euro each I believe!) yet when you compare them the Tokke gives you more bang for your buck as it has thicker chocolate and an additional rice cereal layer on top. As a stand alone product this isn't a bad product whatsoever and it does provide a more than sound chocolate wafer experience. Unfortunately comparisons are very much the name of the game on this site, and I see little reason why you would choose one of these original Huesitos bars over the Cadbury Tokke if you were a Spanish citizen.

6.7 out of 10