June 16th: Cadbury Old Gold Liqueur Flavoured Selection

Kcal 466 Fat 20.7g Fat(sats) 13.0g Carbs 65.2g (per 100.0g)

My next foray in to Cadbury's range from the land down under sees me cast my eye over this Cadbury Old Gold Liqueur Flavoured Selection. This was yet another bar crafted by the folk at Cadbury Australia, and was sent to me in the latest box of goodies from my pals over at ShopenZed. Comprising of 'Old Gold dark chocolate with a selection of liqueur centres: coffee, Irish creme, hazelnut and orange', it sounded like a nicely varied collection of different flavoured fondants. Despite my scepticism at this chocolate actually containing any alcoholic content, a quick glance at the ingredients list revealed the word 'ethanol'. Before you all get too excited it came pretty far down the list - I don't think anyone will be getting merry from this chocolate :D

The bar came in a 220.0g size that was split into nicely formatted blocks. How can a chocolate bar be nicely formatted!? Well, the bar ran four blocks across, and eight down - in a 4x8 grid with the flavours segregated length ways. This may not sound anything special, but it made very easy to tell which of the four centres was which. If you look at the photographs closely above you may also notice that each flavour also had a small indicative image etched in to the surface of each block - doubly handy! Just like I said about the Old Gold bar the other week, the outer box looked pretty sophisticated for a Cadbury product, though I perhaps might not have chosen the purple colour as the secondary colour as I don't think it quite matched the gold.

Looking at the nutritional guff on the packaging and taking in the scents emanating from the chocolate, I was fully prepared for a very sweet tasting fondant experience. At this point I think it is worth congratulating Cadbury for their choice of dark chocolate over their Dairy Milk recipe, as I think the latter would have been way too sweet if paired with these centres. The Old Gold here was well matched to the fondants, and it's unsweetened cocoa flavours brought a bit of balance on the sweetness front. In terms of the different flavoured centres here are my thoughts, in brackets are where they are placed in the photograph above:

Coffee (top left) - As I ate my way through the bar I got used to the sweetness of the coffee flavours. It was very reminiscent of the Coffee Creme chocolates that you used to get in Cadbury Roses. The coffee delivery wasn't the finest ever, but it was decent enough. This was my second favourite.

Irish Creme (top right) - Again the more I ate of this flavour, the more I grew to like it. The Bailey's like influence came through very late amongst the sugary fondant flavours and was only really detectable when fully concentrating on the taste. This was my third favourite.

Hazelnut (bottom left) - This was really disappointing. I don't think I have ever come across a hazelnut fondant before, and having tasted this one I hope it is a while before I do so again. The fondant was completely sugar dominated with no nut influence. This was the worst out of the four.

Orange (bottom right) - Definitely the best in the selection. The unsweetened flavours of the plain chocolate complimented the fruity flavours of the sweet centre very nicely indeed, and there was a longing refreshing note of orange left in the mouth. It reminded my of the Fry's Orange Cream, but in a manageable mouth-sized portions. This was my favourite.

Overall these centres were really mixed in terms of quality, with one very good flavour, two average and one very poor flavour. To be honest if it is the liqueur billing of this chocolate that is putting you off potentially trying it, then I wouldn't worry as it was only the Irish Creme centre where I could detect the remotest amount of alcohol present in the taste. In that sense you might say the bar didn't deliver, but to be honest I think you would have to be pretty naive to think that a Cadbury product was going to deliver an alcohol kick with any great ferocity. If you do end up buying this chocolate to share with others, I would strongly suggest you make a beeline for the orange flavoured centres, as it will soon become apparent to all that those are by the tastiest blocks out of the lot. What with the variety of quality amongst the different flavoured centres this was a hard bar to rate, though I think an average mark of 7.0 out of 10 for taste is a good compromise. It wasn't the finest bar of chocolate I have ever tasted and I'm not sure I would buy it again, but it was certainly interesting trying out all the different flavoured centres.

7.5 out of 10