June 18th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly

Kcal 542 Fat 31.2g Fat(sats) 19.6g Carbs 56.9g (per 100.0g)

A few days ago I brought you all my reviews of both the original and white chocolate varieties from Cadbury Australia's Bubbly range (missed it!? See HERE). Within that double review you may have noticed me mention that there was a third variant included within the selection of bars sent to me by ShopenZed. I can now make the grand reveal that the third bar in the range is this Mint option. Had this been any other flavour I would have just rolled it in to the previous review, however given my families disposition for all things mint chocolate flavoured, I felt the need to hang on to it until I next visited - if you have already peeked at the score you will probably agree this was a good idea.

As with the other Aussie Bubbly variants this bar came in a 175.0g size, and came described as 'Dairy Milk milk chocolate with an mint flavoured aerated centre'. In terms of packaging the outer box was nicely aligned to the rest of the Bubbly range, with the predominant Cadbury Purple colour scheme nicely decorated with an appropriate splash of peppermint green. Despite the green secondary colours on the exterior box, nothing quite prepared me for the krpytonite green colouring of the inner filling within the chocolate. Personally it didn't bother me all that much, but admittedly it was a little fake and artificial looking, and some of my family did find it a little off putting.

After there had been much discussion around the startling green coloured centres, the next thing I took notice of were the fresh smelling minty scents that were being offered, and they were a nice distraction from the garish aesthetics. The most obvious thing of course that I am going to have to compare this Mint Bubbly to, is of course the Nestle Aero Mint (See HERE), which is a long standing family favourite in our household. Cutting the long story short, it was unanimously thought that this Mint Bubbly was on par with the Aero equivalent in the mint flavour delivery, but superior in terms of the quality of the chocolate. This Mint Bubbly was somewhat backwards in terms of taste, with the mint element coming through first before the chocolate which constituted the outer coating. The peppermint centres had a nice balance, and brought refreshing, sweet minty flavours to the party as soon as each block was placed in the mouth. As the chocolate melted and fizzed away with it's pleasant aerated texture, the chocolate hit came through later in the taste and nicely finished each mouthful with a end note of creamy sweet, cocoa flavours. The progression from the initial raft of mint flavours, to the rich chocolatey finish made for a satisfying chocolate that was very much enjoyed by all that tried it.

Overall this was one of the nicest Cadbury chocolates that I have ever tried from outside the UK, and the rest of my family seemingly agreed, as every last piece had been eaten within 24 hours of it being opened. Although I have mentioned that the Aussie Dairy Milk recipe is marginally less to my preference compared to the UK version, this mattered very little here as it was really more about the quality of the mint filling which took up the majority of the taste. Thankfully the mint flavoured centres were pretty superb, and delivered a friendly peppermint edge to each and every block. The high quality mint element coupled with the creamy Dairy Milk chocolate finish was a real match made in heaven, and the culmination was a product that was as delicious as it was moreish. If you are a fan of the Nestle Aero Mint I would very much suggest that you give this bar a try sometime in the near future. If mint chocolate is your thing you are seriously missing out if you deny yourself the opportunity. As for Cadbury UK ... do the right thing guys ... bring back the Cadbury Wispa Mint!!!

8.7 out of 10