June 19th: Le Whif (Breatheable Chocolate)

Kcal 349 Fat 0.0g Fat(sats) 0.0g Carbs 63.3g (per 100.0g)

Replacing the usual '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' I today bring you a special review of a product 'recommended' (word used in the loosest fashion!) to me by my friend Cinabar from Foodstufffinds. Le Whif 'breathable chocolate' inhalers are a product originating from France, and can be purchased from Amazon (See HERE). The basic premise behind these inhalers are that they are supposed to deliver the same taste sensation as a normal chocolate bar, but in a calorie light form - with less than one calorie per inhalation. The pack that I bought off Amazon contained three separate 3 Whifs, or three separate flavours if you will: chocolate raspberry, chocolate and chocolate mint. This was certainly going to be an experience.

Reading the on-pack blurb the net weight was stated as 0.9g, hence me saying there was less than one calorie per puff. Looking the ingredients list it was not surprising to see that it was relatively short - cane sugar, cocoa solids and natural flavourings. The packaging itself was pretty smart looking and contained a decent amount of information about the actual product. It was also nice to see some instructions of how to inhale the product inside amongst the three different containers. In regards to aromas there was nothing aside from the most minor of sweet scents offered by any of the inhalers ... on to the taste test:

Chocolate (brown coloured inhaler) - This pure chocolate variety registered a brief sugary flirtation of chocolate when the powder mixed with the saliva in my mouth. The sensation lasted only a second and left a pretty horrible bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

Mint (light green coloured inhaler) - I tried this one next as I thought my breath needed freshening up from my experience with the chocolate flavour. All in all it delivered the same dirty tasting cocoa soundbite as above, but with just a minor hint of menthol added to the mix. Again the flavours lasted no longer than a second (thank god!).

Raspberry (light red coloured inhaler) - This flavour was definitely the strongest tasting out of the three ... shame it tasted just as awful mind you :D The flavours lasted a little longer in the mouth compared to the other two variants (part of me just wish they hadn't) and they created a fake red fruit, bitter chocolate taste sensation. The raspberry element was terribly artificial.

Overall I hated how these tasted, I hated how they made me choke and cough when I inhaled them, and I hated how they made me more hungry than before I ate them. There is no two ways of putting this - these sucked BIG TIME. In fact Le Whif have created ChocolateMission history as the worst product ever to feature on the site, they were so bad I have even rated them lower than the truly terrible Hannah's White Mice (leaderboard HERE). What can say about these that I haven't already? They failed in getting anywhere near delivering a chocolate flavour hit, they created a poor/disgusting/bitter taste in the mouth, and they left me yearning for some real chocolate more than I was before I inhaled them. Are they a novelty? ... Yes ... Are they a novelty worth paying £7.00 for? ... No, No, No!! You have been warned ChocolateMission readers - Le Whif seriously aren't worth your money. Be sure to let me know your thoughts everyone.

2.0 out of 10

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