June 20th: Lindt Lindor Roulette Lait

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Today I bring you my third and final review of the three newest Lindt Lindor truffle flavours, which were kindly provided to me by ChocolateMission reader Lauren. Looking back at the previous two reviews, I rated the Stracciatella white chocolate truffles above the Giandjuas variety, which is something I definitely would not have predicted prior to trying them (See reviews HERE). The remaining flavour out of the three left to pass through the rating system were these Roulette Lait truffles, which if my research is correct, are most widely available in France. These Roulette truffles were comprised of 'milk chocolate truffle fillings with crispy rice cereal, and were coated in milk chocolate shells'.

As with the other new flavours I have reviewed recently, Lauren was kind enough to send along half a dozen truffles that she picked out of a Lindt 'pick-a-mix' selection in her local Whittards tea shop. Looking at the wrappers, at first I thought these were the Raspberry Lindors, however closer inspection revealed the words Roulette Lait written in gold, wispy font. Cutting in to the truffles, the rice cereal didn't immediately jump out at me, though upon closer inspection there were a few particles present between the outer shell and truffle filling. In terms of aromas, I couldn't detect anything that was out of the ordinary from original Lindors with the smells predominantly dairy led with strong chocolaty undertones.

It is probably best starting off by saying that I can be pretty sceptical when it comes to including rice cereal in chocolate, and I thought it was going to be interesting to see if the inclusion of the cereal here was going to compromise the usual soft filling texture. Biting in to the outer shell, the chocolate broke with the usual fresh snap, though there was a noticeable additional crunchy element from the small cereal bits. To my surprise the inner truffle filling wasn't effected by the cereal whatsoever, and delivered it's usual luxurious feel as it melted in the mouth. What was also proved to be a pleasant surprise was that the cereal contributed rather nicely in terms of flavours, and brought an initial raft of malty biscuit notes to the party, amidst the usual cream rooted chocolate flavours. As always with Lindt Lindors I felt the longevity of each truffle was a little rushed with the rapidness of the melt, however the taste was suitably rich, which made them somewhat satisfying eaten in small quantities.

Overall the least exciting out of all three of the new flavours proved to be the best one, and this is of course reflected in the higher score achieved. If I had to liken this particular flavour to another mass confection product, I would probably choose Maltesers as the malt hints of the cereal in these Roulette Lait, wasn't unlike the experience that you get from the centres of the Mars product. This may be some what of an unbalanced comparison, given that these have tastier chocolate and a glorious textured truffle filling, though the price differential cannot be ignored. In terms of a more reasonable comparison, I'm not sure I would say that these were any better than normal Lindt Lindor truffles, however they proved themselves to be a decent enough alternative, and are certainly worth a try if you are a fan of the Lindor brand. The addition of rice cereal to the mix may not sound to exciting, but this was a rare instance where its presence was definitely favourable.

8.5 out of 10