June 21st: Heavenly Cakes Toffee Crisp

Kcal 619 Fat 35.4g Fat(sats) 16.0g Carbs 75.8g (per single serving)

Heavenly Cakes (Website HERE) came bursting on to the ChocolateMission scene last month with a number of their products breaking the elusive 9.0 out of 10 barrier on the scoring chart. With offerings such as their Billionaires Brownies and Millionaires Shortbread proving to be some of the best cakes I have ever tasted, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to try a few more cakes from their wide selection. In the spotlight today we have the Heavenly Cakes Toffee Crisp, which is described on the website as 'a grown-up version of a kid's rice crispie cake'. If the prospect of this cake has you licking your lips with anticipation as it did me, then you might want to check out the site this weekend when I launch a Heavenly Cakes competition!!!!

If you remember back to my first few Heavenly Cakes reviews you may recall that I received all of their products in giftpack form, which included six giant sized servings. In order to get to gauge as to how their cakes would fare in their single portion packs I requested the guys send my latest sampling batch in this form - hence the packaging you see above. As stand alone portions the cakes still looked equally as tempting, and the clear plastic packs did a fine job of keeping the contents fresh whilst also totally visible. Given how terrifically Heavenly Cakes present their products, it was a wise choice picking a packaging material that allowed the cakes to be on full show. Once again with these Toffee Crisp, I couldn't help but find myself marvelling at yet another beautifully crafted cake.

When the time finally came to ripping open the plastic packet I was met by a pleasant burst of sweet smelling chocolate cereal scents. As I have mentioned before, Heavenly Cakes are ridiculously generous when it comes to their serving sizes, so I called in some assistance to help me consume massive cake slice. Keeping with true British tradition, me a fellow colleague consumed with this with a spot of tea :) - and what a delightful tea and cake break it was. Before we sat down for this break I had the genius idea of sticking the cake in the fridge an hour or so before which I think made it all that much better. Despite being chilled, both the upper layer of Belgian chocolate and caramel still yielded with a delicate softness and melted at supreme rate delivering all of their delicious flavours. The milk chocolate topping was wonderfully creamy, yet maintained a firm underlying cocoa delivery that grew in stature with the increased chocolateyness of the crispy cereal base. The caramel sat below it was as sinfully rich and sweet tasting as ever, and brought lashings of butter, toffee and salt to the fore. Compared to the two layers that sat on top, the chocolate rice cereal base contributed the least to the taste, but as mentioned it did reaffirm the chocolate flavour of the aforementioned topping. The crunchiness of the rice cereal was also a very welcome contrastive texture against the softer chocolate and caramel.

Overall this wasn't my favourite Heavenly Cakes product I have ever reviewed, but it was still one of the best rice crispie cakes I have ever had. Heavenly Cakes have hit upon a pretty successful formula with their Belgian milk chocolate and caramel toppings, it seems to be that anything they coat this stuff in is going to go down well whatever the quality of what it sits on top on. I hate using this word because it implies that something about these cakes were average (believe me they weren't!), but there was something about the rice cereal base that was a little generic. Don't get me wrong it was still very tasty, but if it hadn't been for the caramel and milk chocolate layer sat on top, I doubt I would be raving about these Toffee Crisp cakes as much as I did above - lets be frank there is only so much you can make of a rice cereal base after all! I personally think there are a few better things on offer in the Heavenly Cakes range, but if rice crispie cakes are your thing then I pretty certain you won't find better than these. Hands up whose entering the competition this Saturday :D

8.3 out of 10

Check out the Heavenly Cakes website - See HERE