June 28th: Heavenly Cakes Milk Chocolate Brownie

Kcal 361 Fat 19.0g Fat(sats) 5.1g Carbs 48.0g (per single serving)

If you failed to check the site at the weekend (shame on you!) you will have missed the fact that I have just launched the first ever Heavenly Cakes Competition - See HERE. If you are yet to enter I suggest you get in your entry now. Don't forget you can enter the bonus part of the competition as many time as you want - just come up with a funny new anecdote for Betty talking about her dark chocolate brownies. Speaking of brownies, this brings me on to todays product quite nicely Heavenly Cakes Milk Chocolate Brownie. On the Heavenly website, these brownies come described as 'smooth, truffle-like Belgain milk chocolate brownies with extra chunks of chocolate' and having had a little taster of their brownie capabilities from their Billionaire Brownie cakes I was very much looking forward to giving them a try.

Upon my request, my pals at Hevaenly Cakes sent me a few single serve brownie packs. As ever these 'single servings' were Heavenly Cakes 'single servings' i.e. enough to feed a small family, so I split one with a friend over a coffee. Presentation wise the brownie wasn't the most exciting look cake that Heavenly make, but it still looked pretty glamorous when it was cut in to, and there was a noticeable difference in the denser looking centre and the crisper, lighter looking outer portions. Whilst it was aesthetically nice to look at, what took me back the most was the gorgeously fresh scents that emerged from the plastic packet when it was opened. Aromas of chocolate and cake immediately washed over my senses and they smelt fantastic. My friend was similarly impressed at how nice the smells were - you know they have to be good when they are remarked on by someone who isn't actively searching for them.

Just as I did with all the cakes that Heavenly sent me last week I put this brownie in the fridge to chill for a while before eating it. Those of you who like their brownies heated may be thinking I was nuts doing this, but believe me it really did work out for the best. This time stored in the fridge further accentuated the contrasting textures - that may sound a little guffy but in simpler terms refridgerating the brownie made the outer portion of the brownie crispier, the middle bit denser and the inner chocolate chunks slower melting. All these different kinds of textures gave the brownies a real presence in the mouth and delivered the divine flavours quite superbly. In terms of taste, the brownie had a firm grounding of butter cake and brown sugar, though the chocolate flavour hit was established very quickly with the milky cocoa flavours coming through stronger and stronger every second the brownie was chewed. One of the most enjoyable aspects noted by friend were the inner chocolate chunks, which when encountered gave an extra creamy chocolate flavour burst - put more of these in next time please Heavenly! Like the majority of Heavenly cakes I found this brownie to be sinfully rich - I don't think I could have handled a whole one to myself.

Overall this was the best plain brownie I think I have ever had the delight of eating. That statement isn't one I can say lightly either, as quite a few of my work colleagues often bring in homemade ones - sorry if you are reading this guys but these Heavenly Cakes Milk Chocolate Brownies have blown you all out the water. My photograph above may not look like the most exciting foodporn image that I have posted in my Heavenly reviews so far, but these brownies looked fantastic in real life and were only exceeded aesthetically by their lush aromas and subsequent delicious taste. I have probably gone in to excessive detail about this above already, but one thing I think needs reaffirming is the quality of how the different layers felt in the mouth. The progression from the crispy exterior to the gooey innards was nothing like I have experienced before from any brownie, it was just wonderful. If you are a fan of chocolate brownies I can't really say anything other than I thoroughly recommend these.

8.8 out of 10

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