June 29th: Galler Noix de Coco

Kcal 572 Fat 39.0g Fat(sats) 25.8g Carbs 50.4g (per 100.0g)

Thanks to the interest and requests expressed by ChocolateMission readers on my last review, the kind people at Galler (wesbite See HERE) have sent me along another batch of samples for me to work my way through. In that last Ballotin of Pralines post (See HERE), I was very complimentary of some of the white chocolate pieces within the selection, and many of you urged me to try review some of their filled white chocolate bars. In line with demand, Galler included this Noix de Coco offering and it came billed as 'white chocolate with a coconut filling'. On more than a few occasions I have mentioned that coconut is a massively under utilised ingredients nowadays. Manufacturers like Lindt have proven in the past that when it comes to pairing white chocolate and coconut together, the synergy created can be quite spectacular.

This bar came in a 70.0g form that was split in to four very hefty sized chunks. As I mentioned on my previous Piemontais review from this part of the Galler range, I loved the packaging. One of my family did comment that the yellow colour coded tab at the top made it look like a paint sample from a DIY store, but personally I think it is a nice way to differentiate the different varieties and I liked how the Galler branding was kept minimal in a very suave fashion. In terms of the chocolate, again the blocks were a little on the large side and I would have preferred the bar to be broken into smaller pieces. That minor gripe aside the blocks looked stunningly crafted and the little bits of coconut really stood out amongst the darker coloured filling.

Looking at the ingredients list the outer white chocolate was formed of just six ingredients, with the full cream milk powder and cocoa butter sitting just behind the lead constituent sugar. This clean looking ingredients list was translated nicely in the taste, with the white chocolate providing a crisp, creamy set of flavours as soon as it entered the mouth. The white chocolate melted at a just about the right melt in the mouth, and became increasingly louder in it's smooth, milky flavours as it did so. During the latter stages of the melt of the outer chocolate, a vanilla hint was detectable for a fleeting second, though it was quickly dominated by the utterly delicious flavours of the coconut centre. As the filling slowly warmed in the mouth, sweet hazelnut and cocoa flavours came to the party and quickly melted away leaving the rough pieces of dessicated coconut. When bit in to, the small specks of coconut delivered the most immense amount of creamy nut flavours, which lasted a great deal of time in the mouth for a long duration after consuming. What with the white chocolate and praline centre, the taste was pretty sweet so this wasn't a chocolate best consumed in large quantities. As an accompaniment for an after dinner coffee it has to be said this was nothing short of superb, I savoured all four blocks.

Overall this was another very fine chocolate from Galler who have no proven that they have expertise in all three milk, dark and white chocolate sectors. As good as the white chocolate exterior was, the really shining star for me with this product was the combination of the coconut and praline centre, which has to be said was totally amazing. The synergy created by the sweet hazelnut flavours and the crunchy dessicated coconut was very reminiscent of one of my favourite German chocolates the Romy Classic Cocos. The difference between these two bars was that this Galler Noix de Coco was coated in a delicious layer of white chocolate, which was a very fitting choice for the richer tasting nut filling. If you are a fan of white chocolate and coconuts then I can't see any reason why you wouldn't get a great deal of satisfaction from this offering. Given the standard of this bar I can't wait to try my next Galler chocolate!

8.4 out of 10