June 8th: Thorntons Continental Cappuccino Truffles / Classic Coffee Creams

As you may have guessed from the title I have a two-for-one Thorntons review for you today, with both the Thorntons Continental Cappucino Truffles and the Thorntons Classic Coffee Creams facing the ChocolateMission rating system. If you have been reading the site for any time whatsoever you will be well aware that coffee and chocolate is one of my favourite combinations - lets see which I rated better out of the two.

Thorntons Continental Cappuccino Truffles:

Kcal 68 Fat 4.5g Carbs 6.4g (per chocolate)

'white chocolate with a coffee mousse centre finished with a sprinkle of chocolate powder'

Who remembers me reviewing the Thorntons Continental Cappuccino Bar before?? If you do ... get out more :D ... See HERE! These truffles came in a 95.0g bag that I purchased for a mere £1.69. The plastic packet packaging was nothing too spectacular, but the truffles themselves certainly looked the more appetising out of the two of view today.

It isn't often you find that a chocolate that's description doesn't do it justice, but these truffles were a little more intricate than I was first led to believe. As expected the outer white chocolate was of a good standard and had a pleasant vanilla hinted taste that made for a creamy experience from the outset. Inside the mousse filling was soft in texture and had a fine coffee hinted taste that led nicely onwards from the white chocolate exterior. What the on-pack description failed to state, and what I was talking about earlier, was the fact that each truffle had a small disc of dark chocolate that sat under the mousse filling - it is just visible in the photo above! What this did nicely was ensure a pleasant unsweetened cocoa flavour hit to the latter stages of the melt of each truffle. It perhaps did overshadow the coffee flavours a little, but it was a nice touch to finish off each piece.

8.1 out of 10

Thorntons Classic Coffee Creams:

Kcal 61 Fat 2.9g Carbs 8.3g (per chocolate)

'Milk chocolates with white chocolate decoration and a creamy coffee centre'

If someone had presented me with both these packets of chocolates without telling me the price, I don't think I would have been alone in thinking that the above Continental truffles would have been the more expensive. Well I would have been wrong!! Seemingly we all have to pay a little extra for the 'Classics' as these Coffee Creams set me back £2.49 for a 109.0g bag.

My experience of Coffee Cream chocolates in the past have been limited to the coffee chocolates we used to get in Cadbury Roses tins, though now even they have been cruelly taken away from all us coffee lovers. If I had to describe the taste I would say that these were a lot less complicated in terms of flavours than the Continental Cappuccino truffles, and were certainly less progressive. Despite being made with 'real double cream' (as the packaging cared to tell me), the taste was a whole sweeter and more sugar routed than the creamier Continental chocolates. The outer milk chocolate was nice tasting with it's sweet cocoa taste, and it let nicely into a drier, whipped fondant like centre. The filling was very sugary, but the coffee note was detectable and made for a decent enough experience.

7.0 out of 10

Overall I wouldn't say either of these chocolates provided the killer coffee truffle I was really after, but both of them were fine for what they were. Taking the Coffee Creams first I would like to think that this sort of chocolate is more classic than just appearing in Roses Tins in the past. If they do have deeper history in British confectionery than I am giving them credit for then I guess someone else might get more nostalgic pleasure than I did from the sugary coffee chocolate experience that these offered. My favourite out of the two was obviously the Continental Cappuccino Truffles - they didn't have the espresso strength flavour dosage of coffee that I desired, but that was obviously never going to be on the table. If it is a mild and creamy flavoured coffee chocolate you want then they are a good option to look at.

Thorntons - a gift for every occasion