June 9th: Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Kcal 210 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 23.0g (per pack)

As we all know in the US they don't shy away when it comes to releasing limited edition products. Snickers, M&M's, Reese's all tend to release at least a few a year, and more often than not they usually get linked in to the latest blockbuster movie releases. If you cast your minds back to the 2008 Batman film 'The Dark Knight', you may recall that it was the Reese's Dark Bats which were the candy to get tied in to the film. If you haven't ever seen my reviews of either the Reese's Dark Bats Minis, or later on the large sized Reese's Dark Bat you can see both HERE. One thing that we don't commonly see from these limited edition movie themed candy is them become a part of the original ranges, but this is where these Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups bucked the trend. Released later in 2009 these Dark Cups emerged not long after the flow through of the Dark Bats, and it was my task today to see if they were just as good.

From the outset the Dark Cups immediately chalked up a victory over the previous Bats formats as they were larger in size and weighed in at 42.0g. In regards to packaging the dark chocolate theme was communicated well by the subtle on pack sub branding, but the wrapper still maintained the usual Reese's glory with the orange colour background prominent amongst some of the bolder looking black coloured fonts. The cups themselves were typically well crafted and were kept nicely protected by the inner cardboard sleeve that accompanied them. Aesthetically the chocolate was noticeably darker in tone, though it still had little say in the aromas on offer. To be honest I wouldn't want it any other way - I don't think there is anything quite like the tempting nutty smells you get from Reese's products.

At this point there were ticks in two very important boxes - Did they still look as good as the Dark Bats? ... Yep! Did they still smell just as good as the Dark Bats? ... Yep! The only question that remained was did they taste just as good? ... and I'm glad to report that Yep - they did! Just as I reported with the Dark Chocolate Bats the chocolate on offer was far more flavoursome than the standard milk chocolate we are all used to getting from Reese's. The nature of the 'dark chocolate' was as expected very mass consumer friendly (i.e. it didn't really ramp up the volume of the cocoa to a great extent), but the unsweetened chocolatey flavours it contributed to each bite far outstripped the passive, waxy taste and texture of original Reese's milk chocolate. The relaxed sugar emphasis in the taste of the dark chocolate, nicely contrasted with the peanut butter, which delivered all the usual Reese's pleasantries. It was buttery, creamy and delightfully finished with a lick of salt and sugar. What with the chocolate contributing more to the taste, the two cups felt like an extremely satisfying amount to eat in one sitting - there was no way I was going to able to eat one and leave the other.

Overall these Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are up there amongst my all time favourite Reese's products and were every bit as good as the limited edition Dark Chocolate Bats I tasted a few years ago. In fact if you look at the scoring chart below they have even managed to notch up a few more points on the scores I gave those Batman limited editions a few years ago, as they were bigger in size and thus more satisfying when it came to fulfilling my hunger. What is slightly annoying is that we aren't likely to see these Dark Chocolate Cups appear in the UK anytime soon, which means that whenever I have an impulse desire to buy a Reese's chocolate I will have to settle for a milk chocolate product that I know is inferior. These Dark Chocolate Cups don't deliver the grandest of dark chocolate experiences, but in comparison to the quality of the pretty rubbish milk chocolate you get from Reese's normally, they are no doubt in my mind suprior. If you then factor in to the equation the deliciousness that is Reese's peanut butter you hopefully start to understand where I am coming from with my high rating. It would be great to hear some opinions from my US readership as to which they prefer.

8.9 out of 10

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