July 10th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 47


Hi All,

There's good news and bad news depending on who you are ....

GOOD NEWS - Excuse the pun but it's BAKING!!! I'm looking at the outside temperature as I type (Friday afternoon!) and it's 30'c!! We have a great weekend in front of us!

BAD NEWS - Due to the weather I am extending the deadline of the Heavenly Cakes competition ... despite their careful delivery standards, I just can't imagine their cakes are best in these conditions!!.

So..... next Saturday I will reveal the winners! For the time being please ensure you get all your entries in (COMPETITION DETAILS - SEE HERE). Please tell all your friends via Facebook/Twitter about the extended deadline.

Have great weekends! Get your chocolates in the fridge and your suntan lotion slapped on!!


News from the ChocolateMarket

* An attack on McVitie's Jaffa Cakes? Review of these Bahlsen Jaffas coming soon ... See HERE

* As reported by Alan last weekend ... Milkybar have a new Raisin & Biscuit offering coming out ... See HERE

* The Grocer has more details on Thornton's latest share bag lines ... See HERE

* Chocolate flavoured Weetabix anyone!? Yes please!! ... See HERE

* Kraft cuts majority of Cadbury's UK Senior staff - this was ineviteable ... See HERE

* This week .... 'chocolate reduces risk of premature birth' ... See HERE

Post from other blogs I enjoyed this week

* GiGi Reviews - Gi is back in fine form after recent illness. This Haagen Dazs wont have made fer feel much better though ... See HERE

* The Impulsive Buy - Dear Marvo, please send me some of these Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee sachets. Thanks Jim :D ... See HERE

* Japanese Snack Reviews - These guys have got hold of some lemonade and cola flavoured Kit Kats. They sound awesome!! ... See HERE

* Foodstufffinds - Cin has been checking out some more desserts from M&S. These Caramel Frappe Dessert looks grand ... See HERE

* FoodetteReviews - Jess has been to the Fancy Food Show this week. Be sure to check out her write ups ... See HERE

* Thisiswhyyourfat - What a website of strange/awful creations :D ... 'PAKE' ... 'a pie inside a cake' ... See HERE

That's all this week folks! Remember to get your Heavenly Cakes Competition entries in! You have a whole week longer to think up witty statements for Betty!!!