July 13th: Heavenly Cakes Rocky Road

Kcal 449 Fat 26.0g Fat(sats) 14.5g Carbs 53.6g (per single serving)

First off I must start by bringing your attention to the Heavenly Cakes competition - as announced on Saturday the deadline has been extended by one week due to the mini heatwave we are experiencing! In the mean time be sure to familiarise yourself with some of my latest Heavenly Cakes reviews: if you have missed out on them be sure to check out my Toffee Crisp, Milk Chocolate Brownie or Lumpy Bumpy Brownie posts HERE. To round off my latest batch of reviews from my most recent sampling package I had this Rocky Road cake to try. On the Heavenly website the Rocky Road is described as 'Belgian chocolate mixed with squishy marshmallows, pistachio nuts, natural cherries and crunchy biscuit' - seemingly the less is more approach was out the window for this one :D

Despite coming in a single serve form this was beastily sized portion. Inside it's plastic wrapper the thick outer coating of chocolate made the cake look innocent enough (if a little on the bumpy deranged side!), however when it was cut in to things got very interesting indeed. Take a look at my photograph and judge for yourself - does that look appetising!? Well I thought so! The cross-section revealed a total mish-mash of colours, ingredients, and smells. The things that stood out aesthetically were of course the cherries, the green pistachios, the huge chunks of biscuit and of course the marshmallows. Compared to some of the brownie products I have eaten recently the aromas radiated weren't half as strong in their chocolatey impact, though they were still relatively tempting nonetheless.

Putting my aesthetic admiration to one side it was time for the taste test. Starting with the quality of the chocolate flavours, the Belgian chocolate was a prominent feature in each bite as it had been generously coated across the whole piece. Compared to some of the chocolate constituents on other Heavenly products this Belgian recipe wasn't quite as sweet and was marginally louder in it's cocoa volume. Given the sweetness delivered by the marshmallow and biscuit elements, this switch to an unsweetened chocolate was a welcome change as it maintained a nice sweetness balance. Speaking of the marshmallow and biscuit pieces, both were nothing short of fantastic in regards to the variation they brought to the experience in terms of textures. The marshmallows had a far grander presence than I was expecting, and were far chewier and dense than I was expecting. The biscuit chunks constituted a large part of the total cake, and contributed nicely with their light, crunchy explosion of salty digestive biscuit flavours. Just as I wrote in the Lumpy Bumpy Brownie review I wasn't all that excited by the presence of the cherries, however they again were pleasant addition and added fine juicy, fruity bursts of red berry flavours when encountered. The only disappointment with this cake for me were the pistachios, as once again yet another nut type failed to cut through in the taste as they weren't as generously portioned as the other elements.

Overall I have never been a great lover of Rocky Road cakes, but I have to say these were very much to my liking. Sometimes in the past with Rocky Road cakes I have found that manufactures have included some of the ingredients as token gestures, with little thought given about how they combine with one another. With the exception of the pistachio nuts, it felt to me like Heavenly were very particular in their selection of ingredients, with the choice of chocolate recipe being a fine example. The Belgian chocolate coating on these wasn't 'dark' chocolate, but it was noticeably less sweet than the milk chocolate used in some of their other cakes. This recipe of chocolate was key in allowing the marshmallows, cherries and biscuit elements have a grander say in the taste - so a big thumbs up there. If I was to improve these Rocky Road cakes, I would again offer similar recommendations to what I said in my Lumpy Bump Review - more nuts please! Rocky Road fans will no doubt love these - I suggest you try eating a slice with a spoonful of ice cream as the biscuit chunks nicely suck up the ice cream as it melts - trust me its really something special!

8.5 out of 10

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