July 14th: Milka Kakao Genuss

Kcal 580 Fat 40.5g Fat(sats) 23.0g Carbs 46.5g (per 100.0g)

Ever since the Kraft takeover of Cadbury was announced it has felt like Milka has gone from strength to strength here in the UK. With the Milka UK range expanding by the minute with new impulse options such as the Milka with Daim bar, consumer awareness of the brand seems to be slowly ever increasing. Whilst UK consumers are slowly getting to grips with the basic Milka offerings, back in Germany there seems to be no let up with the amount of 'new' flavours being brought to market. One of the latest Milka varieties to hit the shelves in Germany is this Kakao Genuss, which translates into English as 'Chocolate Pleasure'. On the back of the wrapper the bar came described as 'Alpine milk chocolate with a chocolate raspberry creme filling', which was self evident from the wrapper.

This Kakao Genuss flavour came in a 100.0g format that was split into the stand 3x5 branded block format. Nothing about the wrapper particularly stood out to me in the context of the rest of Milka's range, though the raspberry element was at least communicated well with a decent amount of the on pack visuals indicating the fruity twist. Upon unsealing the plastic packet a very forthcoming set of sweet red fruit smells made their presence felt. To be honest they weren't the most genuine of fruit smells ever, but they did grab my attention, and they at least made the chocolate feel a little more exciting given it's placid look.

Without the raspberry fruit smells this bar would have appeared to be no different to a standard Milka Chocolate Cream bar, as aesthetically there was no indication whatsoever of the raspberry influence. Despite it's lacking visual impact the same couldn't be said for the taste, as the fruit established itself as soon as the chocolate entered the mouth. Although the raspberry flavouring was contained mostly in the creme filling, it didn't hang about and the flavours were partially detectable within the milky sweet cocoa flavours of the exterior Alpine milk chocolate. In terms of taste there was little differentiation between the chocolatey flavours of the outer chocolate to the inner creme filling, however as the smoother melting centre melted away the raspberry element became louder and louder taking a firmer grip on the taste. Against my expectations the raspberry fruit flavours were pretty nicely balanced and came across as more red fruit sharp than sugary sweet. Due to the fast paced melt this wasn't the most satisfying chocolate bar ever, Milka bars seldom are though.

Overall this wasn't perhaps the most 'genuine' tasting fruit flavoured chocolate ever, but I enjoyed it for what it was nonetheless. To be honest this wasn't a flavour that excited me all that much given how there have been so many similar bars coming out of Germany recently, but it did a more than adequate job of delivering on it's promised enhancing flavour. When I first smelt the aromas emanating from the wrapper when I unsealed it, I was a little wary that this was going to be one of those ghastly, sweet tasting cheap chocolates. To my pleasant surprise the chocolate tasted better than it smelt - again I will reiterate the point it wasn't the 'realest' fruit influence, but it wasn't half as sugary as I thought it was going to be. If you are a raspberry lover then this is a chocolate well worth you taking a look at. If you are more just a fan of Milka chocolate then I would suggest you take a look at some of their other offerings before getting stuck in to this one as a matter of urgency.

7.5 out of 10