July 18th: Cadbury Picnic Roast Almond Feast

Kcal 242 Fat 14.9 Fat(sats) 5.3g Carbs 22.9g (per 100.0g)

Last week I was contacted by my friends at ShopenZed (an online merchant based in New Zealand who exports goods globally - See HERE) who informed me that they had come across a 'Special Edition' Cadbury bar whilst on their weekly shopping trip. Being the ever giving, jolly people they are, they offered me the chance to try it for myself and kindly sent me across a few bars to review for the site. Back last year I reviewed the Cadbury Picnic that they get in Australia (See HERE) and I remember giving it a high scoring mark compared to the rather poor UK equivalent we get in this country (See HERE). Given my preference for the Aussie made Picnic, I was rather excited by this Roast Almond Feast limited edition, which came billed as 'almonds, wafer and caramel covered in Cadbury milk chocolate'.

This bar came in a 46.0g serving size making it totally comparable to the original Aussie Picnic which was equally as plentiful. Speaking of the wrapper, I thought the jet black colour scheme looked very cool, and I liked the way the branding was kept consistent from the original red coloured Picnic variant. Despite travelling from across the other side of the globe the bar was maintained in immaculate condition and looked similarly impressive in stature to a UK Lion bar when undressed. The only real difference between the two were almond nut pieces that lined the outer chocolate. Most positively they emanated some tempting nutty scents amongst the sweeter smelling chocolate and wafer smells.

The first thing of this bar that really caught my attention was the feel of the chocolate and nut exterior as it yielded with a crisp snap and pleasant crunchiness when bit into. This bar came off as remarkably fresh when it came to the textures of each the chocolate, nuts and wafer constituents. When you think about it, that is a bit of an odd thing to say really when you consider how far the thing travelled from production in Asutralia. Thankfully it isn't just the textures that are worth mentioning - the flavours and resulting taste were every bit as wonderful. As with any Cadbury bar the chocolate was sweet and milky and provided a flowing chocolatey base taste with each and every mouthful. The almond pieces that lined the outer chocolate were thankfully largish in their chunked size, which gave them ample opportunity to have good cut through in the taste with their savoury buttery flavours. Sitting at the centre of the bar both the caramel and wafer constituents progressed the chocolate and nut flavours nicely, adding strong influences of toffee, salt, brown sugar and wheat to the taste. Despite the heavy presence of the wafer element, the entire bar proved to be a plentiful snack and very satisfying - it must be the low GI nuts that did the trick :D

Overall each mouthful of this Cadbury Picnic Roast Almond Feast was varied, progressive and packed full of flavour - I could have really asked for little more. Anyone who has been reading this site for any sort of extended period will probably be sick to death of me complaining about chocolates that implement nuts in tiny, fragmented pieces, but this bar just goes to prove how much better these things can taste when the nuts are implemented in either a whole or sizeable fashion. Obviously the entire concept of this product was to deliver the usual Picnic experience, but with a Almond nut slant of the taste and this was done very well with the integration of the nuts into the outer portion of the bar. The almond nuts not only established themselves early in the taste, but they had good longevity due to their large size. It's a shame that Cadbury here in the UK don't treat the Picnic with as much love as they do in Australia. The boys and girls 'Daaaaaaaan Unda' are being treated to a fabulous limited edition that sadly not many of us Brits will ever see.

8.5 out of 10

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