July 2nd: Galler Manon

Kcal 506 Fat 29.4g Fat(sats) 16.1g Carbs 54.4g (per 100.0g)

Over the past few days I have been trying my luck with another of Galler's filled chocolate bars - this time taking a looking at their white chocolate offering - the Manon. If you looked at the site last week you will have hopefully of seen my review of Galler's Noix de Coco (See HERE) which got my latest batch of Galler reviews off to a tremendous start. As good as that coconut chocolate proved to be, I was looking forward to trying this Manon chocolate even more. On the wrapper this bar came billed as 'white chocolate with a coffee filling' - my expectations were sky high.

In line with the majority of Galler bars I have reviewed recently, this Manon came in a 70.0g form that was sectioned in to four separate blocks. In terms of packaging I was yet again impressed by the sophisticated wrapper style, although I did have the same grievances with the large size of each piece. As you will see from my photo above this Manon chocolate didn't differ all that much aesthetically from the Coco bar the other day, with the two tones of chocolate making for a visually stunning looking bar. Unwrapping the chocolate from it's foil confines, the product radiated a decent set of dairy scents that offered a minor suggestion of roasted coffee beans.

Long time ChocolateMission readers will be aware that white chocolate is probably my least favourite out of all three chocolate types but even I can appreciate how fine Galler's recipe is. Formed predominantly of full cream milk powder, sugar and cocoa butter the taste created was smooth and flowing, and fast established a fine set of delicious milk based flavours. The melt of the outer white chocolate felt divine as it warmed in the mouth, though it has to be said the centre wasn't quite as soft feeling as I suspected it might be. The chief reason for this was due to the presence of some grounded bits of hazelnuts which gave the texture a slightly gritty feel and created an initial minor nuttiness to the taste of the filling. As the lighter filling melted on the tongue the coffee element did come through to a reasonable degree, though there was a lingering fruity note forever present which prevented the coffee totally taking a hold of the taste. The combined sweetness of the white chocolate and ramping up of the cocoa volume from the centre, did make for a pretty rich taste - two blocks proved more than enough for a single sitting.

Overall this wasn't quite perhaps the strong coffee flavoured chocolate I was after, however it was certainly a very decent white chocolate bar nonetheless. This Manon offering proved that previous experiences with Galler white chocolate have been no fluke - these guys know how to make high quality white chocolate which is a talent not to be sniffed at. When I think about all the different manufactures white chocolate capabilities I would say only very few can match Galler when it comes to quality. With the likes of Hotel Chocolat to one side, Galler stand out as one of the most competent when it comes to this part, and this Manon was another fine example of what they can do. It may not have been the espresso strong filling I was hoping for, but the fruit hinted coffee flavours were a better than average alternative. If you are a fan of sweeter coffee chocolates than I would say this is one of the better bars I have come across on the market.

8.2 out of 10