July 31st: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 50

### Jim's Corner ###

Hi All,

Not much to report this week but I have the pleasure of bringing you the names of the winners of the mid week Ritter Sport competition. The winners were Sally (comment #5), Alan (comment #30) and Phil (comment #42) - please can you guys send me your adresses so I can send on your Ritter winnings.

The good news for the rest of you is that I still have lots of samples left to give away! So look out for more competitions coming very soon.

Now to clear up the matter of Jim's ChocolateMission Shop. You will see on the left hand sidebar of the site I have created an affiliate store on Amazon. I do have plans down the line to enter a far more developed store, but for the minute this very basic store will be helping fund my ChocolateMission. Take a look a look at whats on offer HERE. Keep your eyes peeled for a more developed store opening later this year.

Just as a reminder - keep an eye on the Hotel Chocolat site (SEE HERE) - they are starting to put up their End of Season clearance lines.

Have great weeks guys and girls


News from the chocolate market

* News continues to rumble on about that chap who bought a large portion of the world's cocoa ... See HERE

* Cadbury finally got around to informing everyone of their exclusive Morrisons' Bar of Plenty bar ... See HERE .... REVIEW HERE

* Seemingly I missed out on celebrating National milk chocolate day ... See HERE

* Divine have launched a new Orange & Ginger variant ... See HERE

* These guys set a new record for eating 3 Mars bars in under a minute - the thought of that makes me feel pretty ill .... See HERE

Have I missed anything? Please share your stories!!!

Updated Reviews

Only the one this week ... Fry's Peppermint Cream

Posts from other blogs I enjoyed this week

* TheImpulsiveBuy - I've got a real thing for granola at the moment. Marvo checked out these dark chocolate and peanut butter Nature Valley thin granola bars ... See HERE

* GiGiReviews - Gi was on top form again this week reviewing some very HobNob like looking Archway Iced Oatmeal Cookies ... See HERE

* Foodstufffinds - Cin tracked down the new chocolate flavoured Weetabix. I can highly recommend them myself! They are very tasty ... See HERE

* JapaneseSnackReviews - Only the Japanese would think of making Lemon Tea flavoured cookies :D ... See HERE

* Chocablog - Simon tried out the very cool sound Zotter Butter Caramel. I hope Mr Zotter sends me one along soon ... See HERE

* ZOMGCandy - Rosa wrote a great double post review this week documenting her thoughts on Ritter Sports Mini Chocolate Collection - its well worth a read ... See HERE

Delivered chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat