July 4th: Kit Kat Mint / Orange

Sometimes I think I get a bit ahead of myself on this website. Over the past few years I have reviewed several different types of Kit Kats from all corners of the globe: Japan, Australia & Germany just to name a few.

Given that fact it came as great surprise to me when I received a request from ChocolateMission reader Ryan who asked me to review these Mint & Orange variants that we get here in the UK. Both of these Kit Kats have been around since ... well ... since time begand, and I even remember having them every so often during my school years. Quite how they have escaped the ChocolateMission rating system for so long I don't know - they were easy enough to find in my local Tesco supermarket once the request had come in.

I bought both flavours in multipack form, costing me £1.62 for 9 bars. I haven't bought a multipack of Kit Kats for a long time, but I was pleased to see Nestle had chosen to go back to the old school two layer wrappers comprising of the paper sleeve and foil wrap. I remember the days when they went to a single foil packet - those were dark, traumatic days when they deprived many a schoolboy/girl the pleasure of removing the tight layer of foil in their own unique way ... I really hope you lot know what I am talking about :D

Kit Kat Mint

Kcal 107 Fat 5.4g Fat(sats) 3.0.g Carbs 13.2g (per 2 finger bar)

'Crispy wafer fingers covered with mint flavoured milk chocolate'

Back in the day I would probably have said this was my favourite out of the two. I don't know if it is the recipe or my tastebuds that have changed, but I didn't enjoy quite as much as I used to. Compared to the standard or dark chocolate Kit Kat I felt the taste was far less progressive and was completely dominated by the peppermint flavours. The chocolate flavour hit was established within the first few seconds in the mouth, however it soon hit the 'mint wall', with the wafer rendered totally pointless in terms of contributing to the taste. The nicely contrasting soft melting chocolate and crisp wafer textures were still there, but the taste was pretty one dimensional in it's sweet minty flavours. Nice, but totally and utterly pointless if you don't like sweet mint chocolates.

7.7 out of 10

Kit Kat Orange
Kcal 107 Fat 5.4g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 13.2g (per 2 finger bar)

'Crispy wafer fingers with orange flavoured milk chocolate'

Of course with so many different products to review there was no way I was going to eat all 18 of these bars for myself, so I brought them in to work as a contribution to our tea area. This is always a fascinating thing to do, as when I have two different products to compare and contrast, it gives me the opportunity to see what gets gobbled up first. If you have sneaked a look at the ratings already it wont surprise you to hear that these Orange ones were the first go, and I, like my fellow co-workers, liiked them the better out of the two. Similarly to the Mint flavour, these Orange Kit Kats were pretty strong when it came to their orange fruit flavours, though they weren't quite as dominant on the overall taste. In comparison the wheaty flavours of the wafer came through a bit stronger and the sweet, milky cocoa flavours were a longer sustained.

8.1 out of 10

Overall reacquainting myself with both of these flavours for the first time in years made for a nice change, but I know as soon as I fancy a Kit Kat again in the future I will be reaching for an original milk chocolate or dark one (better yet an Australian Caramel Chunky!!). These UK flavoured Kit Kats had one fundamental difference from the flavoured ones I have tried from the likes of Japan. In both of these Mint and Orange variants it was the chocolate that was flavoured, which is different to the Japanese varieties where it is generally the inner creme between the wafer that delivers the enhancing flavours! Not everyone will agree with me but I prefer the Japanese approach, as it allows the outer chocolate and wafer elements to express themselves in the taste before the enhancing flavours kick in. If you like Orange and Mint chocolates then both of these Kit Kats will do quite nicely for you. I needn't probably tell you that given that they have been under all of our noses since forever, why don't you tell me which you prefer/like???