July 6th: Galler Amandes

Kcal 544 Fat 34.3g Fat(sats) 16.1g Carbs 51.6g (per 100.0g)

After the last few weeks it wouldn't seem right to go without a Galler (Website - See HERE) review, and I haven't let you guys down. In my last two Galler features I reviewed a few of their white chocolate bars - the Noix de Coco and the Manon, with both scoring in the region of 8.0 on the ChocolateMission rating system. Over the past few days I decided to mix things up a little, and got stuck into this Amandes offering. The Galler Amandes came described on the wrapper as 'milk chocolate with an almond filling'. To be more precise this bar was formed of an outer shell of chocolate, encasing a dual marzipan and almond filling.

As with all the other Galler filled bars this came in a 70.0g serving size that was split into four large sized blocks. There isn't much I can say about the packaging that I haven't said in previous reviews; it again did a grand job of communicating the prestigious nature of the brand and the gold foil wrapping similarly maintained a good sense of luxury. As you will see from my photo above the blocks were very intricately crafted, with three different layers providing an interesting aesthetic proposition. When cut in to a minor set of nut scents washed over my senses, though I have to say I was more preoccupied looking at how the generously the fillings appeared to be be portioned.

Over all my Galler reviews I think we have all managed to grasp the fact that they make some outstanding chocolate. The 30% cocoa recipe used in this bar again provided a delightful flavour base for each and every mouthful, and the chocolate melted at a nice rate and longing soft smoothness. As the well paced melt developed the sweet, creamy cocoa volume became increasingly louder, up until the flavours plateaued in to a pleasant end note of vanilla. This was of course only the start of the flavour experience, as the praline and marzipan elements were next to the party. Out of the two the praline was first to establish itself, and it brought an interesting set of buttery, salted almond suggestions. Whilst this praline layer was nothing other than delicious and wonderfully progressive in terms of contribution to the total experience, it disappointingly hampered the flavour delivery of the marzipan. Unfortunately the marzipan layer tasted somewhat flavourless in comparison, and resultingly just felt like an awkward dry crumbly substance amongst the melted chocolate and praline. Although this wasn't the richest chocolate ever, like so many Galler products that have gone before it was certainly best consumed in small quantities.

Overall as good as both the milk chocolate and the almond praline were, this bar has been inhibited from scoring as highly as it should of have done because of it's ineffectual marzipan layer. In terms of quality I can't imagine me ever having to question Galler about any of their milk, dark or white chocolates - having tasted all of them quite extensively now I am quickly learning that the produce some delightfully fresh tasting chocolates that are as good as anything I have tasted from the like of Hotel Chocolat etc. Similarly the almond praline that accompanied the milk chocolate exterior was also superb, with it's forthcoming nut flavours providing a deliciously salty nut taste. Unfortunately though I couldn't help but feel a little let down by the marzipan - Niederegger quality it was not! If I was to get gifted a bar of this, I would feel more than happy to eat it again. Put in the context of some of Galler's other offerings though, I would personally say they have more to offer elsewhere.

7.9 out of 10