July 7th: Heavenly Cakes Lumpy Bumpy Brownie

Kcal 619 Fat 35.3g Fat(sats) 15.9g Carbs 75.6g (per single serving)

ChocolateMission people you now only have a matter of days left to enter the Heavenly Cakes competition - if you have no idea what I am talking about, or haven't got around to entering yet then I suggest you See HERE for further details. Whilst you lot have all been busy looking at what Heavenly Cakes baker Betty has to say about her dark chocolate brownies, I have been feasting my way through yet another of Heavenly's marvellous cakes. Taking centre stage today is the Heavenly Cakes Lumpy Bumpy Brownie, which you can find on their site described as 'our brownie base, with a layer of Dulce de Leche caramel, with natural cherries, pecans, more chunks of chocolate brownie and drizzled with Belgian milk chocolate' ... blimey trying saying that without having to pause for breath.

Like the other cakes I have reviewed over the past few weeks I requested that Heavenly send these in a single serving form. Having consumed most of them during tea breaks at work I have been met by many sets of squinting and envious eyes, but I have managed to maintain at least a few fans by splitting the monster sized portions with a few lucky colleagues. Having read up about these on the Heavenly website, I was eagerly looking forward to seeing what these Lumpy Bumpys (haha!) looked like in real life. When I received the cakes I was glad to see that like all the others that had gone before they looked exactly like the photographs on the website - with all the bits n bobs visible when the cakes were cut in to. As well as being aesthetically visible, there were also minor fruit and nuts scents detectable amongst the delightful brownie aromas that emerged once I had ripped open the plastic packet.

Like I did with most of the Heavenly Cakes I have reviewed recently, I left this Lumpy Bumpy Brownie in the fridge for short while to before eating it. Once again this had a positive effect on several of the constituents, as it firmed up the chocolate, caramel and brownie layers, whilst it also gave the cherry juices a pleasant coolness when they were bitten in to. In regards to describing the taste I literally don't know where to start - there was just so much going on in each bite. One of the consistent features throughout was the brownie base, and it did a fine job of holding together the wealth of other ingredients placed on top. At the heart of each bite the brownie layer delivered a wealth of chocolate and butter cake flavours to the party, though the elements that sat on top where the ones that dominated the taste for most part. Some bites had more of a fruity tartness thanks to the cherries, whilst others were more caramel and chocolate focused, with the Dulce de Leche caramel coming through most strongly in places where larger amounts of it had gathered. In the shuffle of the taste the pecan nuts did get somewhat lost in the insanely rich chocolate flavours, which was somewhat disappointing. Whilst they were lost flavourwise, their presence wasn't totally lost though, as their crunchy textures were a nice contrast from the softer chocolate and caramel elements. Given the size of the serving this was a brownie that I had to share, as it was just way to rich for a single person to consume in one sitting.

Overall this was yet another satisfying and delicious cake from my pals at Heavenly, though I wouldn't say it was quite as well matched to my own personal tastes as others have been before. Speaking as a man who really loves his nutty chocolates, I was disappointed that the pecans didn't cut through in the taste a little more, perhaps on reflection it would have been better if they had used whole hazelnuts or almonds to deliver the nut influence with greater authority?That minor gripe aside, the caramel and Belgian chocolate layers that covered the top of the cake were as delectable as ever, whilst the base brownie was as expected utterly sublime. Had you asked beforehand whether I would have liked to have seen cherries included in these brownies, I would most likely have declined, though I have to admit they tasted remarkably fresh and juicy, and they balanced the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel nicely with their slightly sour fruityness. All-in-all my preferences lie elsewhere within the Heavenly Cakes range, however if you like your brownies to be a little more adventurous, you really can't go wrong with these Lumpy Bumpys.

8.1 out of 10

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