July 8th: 'Bits n Bobs' - Cereal Bars # 2

I have fast been accumulating all manner of different chocolate cereal bars so it is that time once again for another 'Bits n Bobs' cereal bars post - for PART 1 See HERE.

In true 'Bits n Bobs' fashion I will be running through each of the three bars below at a rate of knots :D I hope you can keep up! Be sure to share your thoughts on each!

Weetabix Oaty Bars Milk Chocolate

Kcal 67 Fat 1.5g Fat(sats) 0.5g Carbs 11.8g

'Milk chocolate flavoured cereal bar, drizzled with milk chocolate'

You may recall me reviewing the white chocolate variant from the Oaty Bars range in my first 'Bits n Bobs' cereal bar round up. On offer here we had pretty much the same proposition, with a golden syrup noted oaty base topped with a fairly unsubstantial sprinkling of milk chocolate. In comparison to the flavourless white chocolate topping on the other variety, the milk chocolate did come through in the taste somewhat better, however it was still a way off providing a satisfying chocolate flavour hit. The size of the bar was again way too small to satisfy even the smallest of tummy rumbles. On the whole better, but still not worth seeking out.

6.6 out of 10

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Dipped Fruit & Nut Cereal Bar

Kcal 229 Fat 11.8g Fat(sats) 5.2g Carbs 26.7g

'Whole almonds with cherries and dried apricot, in a oat based cereal bar, dipped in 70% dark chocolate'

This without doubt is one of the best cereal bars I have ever had. I'm not generally crazy on the things anyway, but this stood out as product really packed full of variable flavours. The most prominent features in the taste were the tart cherries and buttery almonds, which really stood out from the sweet honey noted flavours of the oat base. Additionally the unsweetened cocoa flavours of the chocolate were also very forthcoming, and ensured that a swift chocolate flavour burst was present with each bite. The nutritional values may put some people off as they are hardly within the expectations of the average cereal bar consumer's limits, however I would really recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Green & Black's products. I rate more highly than a lot of their stand alone chocolates.

8.6 out of 10

Ador Mocha Oat Bar

Kcal 175 Fat 5.0g

'Cappuccino and chocolate flavoured rolled oats'

So you saved the best until last right Jim? Err no not quite! This bar caught my eye in my local Holland & Barrett store, and came with the promise of keeping me feeling fuller for longer. Now I can't deny that this bar had the potential to leaving my hunger feel satisfied for longer than the average chocolate or cereal bar, but in order for this to be a reality it would of had to have made me want to eat it. Unfortunately this just wasn't the case! This bar was nothing more than a bland, tasteless slab of rolled oats, with no hint of coffee or chocolate detectable at any point. To put it in to context I had to do the awful thing of checking the back of the wrapper after the first bite to see if it was still in date ... it was by nearly 6 months!! This bar just tasted awful, and I threw most of it in the bin. AVOID!!

3.8 out of 10

So there we have it! Three more whistle stop reviews of some of the cereal bars we have on the UK market. If you have any requests for ones you want to see in part 3, be sure to drop me a note. It would be great to hear from anyone else who has tried one of these bars ... did you think the G&B bar was as good as I did? Is the ADOR bar as bad as I am making out?