July 9th: Galler Pistches Fraiches

Kcal 583 Fat 41.3 Fat(sats) 20.9g Carbs 45.7g (per 100.0g)

Over the past few weeks you will have seen that I have been treated to a number of Galler's filled chocolate bars. Ranging from their 'Manon' to their 'Amandes' offerings I have pretty much enjoyed every single one of them, so I approached this last Pistaches Fraiches flavour with feelings of both excitement and sadness (it was the last in my latest sampling package! Boo!!). This Pistaches Fraiches bar is another from Galler's white chocolate range, and combines an outer exterior of white chocolate, with a hazelnut and pistachio creme centre. I'm not one for hiding my preferences, so I will willingly admit that I saved this bar until last because of my love for pistachios - my hopes were pretty high.

Unlike the other three bars you have seen over the last few weeks, this came in a marginally smaller 65.0g size, though it was still split into the same four chunky block format. I will save you the spiel on the packaging - as you can see above it looked just as classy as ever, and the choice of light pastel green was fitting for the pistachio flavouring. Much like I thought with the other bars, the size of the blocks was a slight issue and I would have preferred them smaller. That gripe aside the chocolate still looked very appetising when it was cut in to, with the bright green coloured nuts shouting out for attention amongst the beige coloured filling.

If you have managed to catch either my Noix de Coco or my Manon Galler reviews you will have seen that I had very nice things to say about the quality of Galler's white chocolate. To save repeating myself I can rather just quickly confirm that this offered up much the same experience. The white chocolate was creamy in taste and had a pleasant vanilla noted flavour progression that never flirted with becoming excessively sweet. One of the first things I noticed when photographing this chocolate was how strong the hazelnuts came through in the tremendously alluring aromas. Looking at the ingredients the pistachios were actually portioned more greatly, though I guess it was little surprise they didn't come through as strongly in regards to the smells as they generally aren't the strongest scented nuts anyway. Whilst they lacked presence in the aroma, the pistachio nuts certainly didn't hold back when it came to the taste. Unlike the softer melting chocolate, the inner filling was far more variable in terms of texture and had several crispy, crunchy influences what with the various nut and cereal elements. Whilst variable in texture, the centre also brought several flavour enhancements to the taste, with intermittent inputs from the cereal, woody hazelnut creme and of course the salty pistachio nuts coming to the fore. In relation to some of Galler's milk and dark chocolates this wasn't the richest offering of theirs' - two blocks at a time felt like a more than adequate serving size.

Overall the constant progression of flavours made this a chocolate that was exceptionally fine tasting, and probably one of the best Galler chocolates I have ever tasted. As I have said in my Galler chocolate reviews before, had I the choice between their white, milk or dark chocolates I would probably choose one of the two latter, though I was again still very impressed with the quality of their white chocolate here. As good as the chocolate was, what really made this bar stand out to me was the quality of the inner filling, as the hazelnut and cereal constituents managed to nicely carry the pistachios without overbearing them in the overall taste. I have always thought that one of the best flavour combinations is to pair salt and sweet ingredients - chocolate and peanut butter, salted caramels etc. Pairing white chocolate with pistachios is another fine example of how ingredients like this can bring out the best in each other. Galler deserve a great deal of praise for crafting yet another delicious chocolate.

8.6 out of 10