August 10th: Trumpf Schogetten Marzipan / Banana Split

It's been a fair while since I last reviewed a Trumpf Schogetten product on the site, but with the help of some German friends I today get the chance to bring you a special 'two-for-one' review. In the ChocolateMission spotlight today we have both these Marzipan and Banana Split varieties - the latter of which is one of the latest flavours to come out especially for Summer 2010.

Both of these flavours came in the standard 100.0g bar format, and as usual came split into several separated blocks pieces. In terms of packaging and and overall presentation the Banana Split was the most attractive looking and really caught the eye with it's bright yellow pastel coloured background. In terms of aromas both proved to be fairly appetising, though the Banana Split was noticeably a little artificial smelling in terms of it's fruity scents.

Trumpf Schogetten Marzipan

Kcal 492 Fat 30.0g Carbs 45.0g (per 100.0g)

'Filled bitter chocolate with marzipan filling'

I remember my conclusion in my review of Schogetten's plain dark chocolate bar being that for the price you pay the quality is pretty tremendous. Placing the first piece of this in my mouth these were again my initial thoughts, as the dark chocolate exterior quickly established a decently rich set of unsweetned cocoa flavours in the mouth. Unlike better quality dark chocolates the taste wasn't all that progressive, though the cocoa volume rose to a decent level throughout the progression of the melt. Sat in the middle of each piece, the marzipan was nicely moist in terms of feel and texture and had quite a definitive alcohol edge to it's taste. Unfortunately the almond flavours were a little lacking and at times almost completely absent. Compared to the likes of Niederegger the marzipan filling was pretty poor in terms of quality.

7.3 out of 10

Trumpf Schogetten Banana Split

Kcal 555 Fat 34.0g Carbs 56.0g (per 100.0g)

'Milk chocolate with a banana creme filling'

As I have mentioned above I was pretty cautious about this chocolate before tasting it, as the smells that emanated from the packaging came across as quite fake. I probably needn't say much about Schogetten milk chocolate, as I have covered it so many times in my previous Schogetten reviews (See HERE). Suffice to say the milk chocolate substantiated a decent milk rooted chocolate flavour hit with every mouthful and the pace of the melt led nicely, in to the drier, almost chalky texture of the inner filling. That may not sound like the most complimentary of descriptions, however the differentiation in feel between the layers was pleasant, and thankfully the taste was there to match. In terms of fruity 'realness' I have to concede that the smells weren't all misleading, though this bothered me a lot less than I thought it would. I think this was majoritly because the delivery of the banana element was nicely underpinned by a strong flavour base of bourbon vanilla, which created the desired ice cream like experience. This chocolate was very sweet, but I found it adequately satisfying after a few blocks.

7.8 out of 10

Overall whatever flavour I try from Schogetten I seem to always come to exactly the same conclusion everytime. In terms of quality neither of these chocolates can be classified as 'best in class' at their flavours, however for the price you pay they are certainly worth a look at if you find yourself a little short in the pocket. The Marzipan variety has decent enough dark chocolate, but it's actual filling unsurprisingly lacks the prestige of some of the higher end marzipan brands. Similarly the Banana Split flavour had reasonable standard milk chocolate and a tasty filling, however compared to some of the summer varieties offered by the likes of Ritter Sport etc it simply isn't quite as good. I would recommend these chocolates if you are shopping on a budget, but if it is ultimately quality you are after you should look elsewhere.