August 11th: Galler Cafe Noir

Kcal 536 Fat 34.0g Fat(sats) 17.3g Carbs 44.9g (per 100.0g)

Barely a week can go by at the minute without Galler featuring on this site, but I certainly wont be complaining if the samples remain this plentiful and the quality of chocolate remains as high as it has been. The bar taking centre stage today is another from their filled bars range, and is yet another coffee flavoured offering. Over the past month you will recall that I have reviewed many coffee flavoured chocolates, ranging from the Ritter Sport Espresso, Thorntons Colombian Coffee and even Galler's own Manon chocolate. This Cafe Noir bar however sounded like it had the potential to be the best out of the lot, and came described as 'dark chocolate with a coffee praline filling'. With my trusted taste testers at hand (my family), I today went about seeing if it could live up to my lofty expectations.

Despite travelling in the same parcel as last weeks slightly deformed Praline Blanc, this 70.0g Cafe Noir bar managed to make its way to me in slightly better condition. As you will see from the photo above, this bar was colour coded using a dark brown tab at the top, which I thought was a sensible choice of colour given the flavour theme. The chocolate bar itself did look a little worn and scuffed due to the previously mentioned post issue, but that aside it looked nicely appetising with darkly coloured outer chocolate nicely differentiated from the lighter coloured coffee centre. Straight out of the inner foil wrapper, the bar immediately made it's presence felt, emanating a tempting set of chocolate and roasted coffee bean scents.

Given what I have written in previous coffee flavoured chocolate reviews it doesn't take a genius to work out that this particular flavour combination is one of my favourites, and this is a preference that I share with my father. I wouldn't say either of us are chocolate coffee connoisseurs, but having tried several different varieties over the last few years I would of said that between us we could come to a decent judgement as to how good one is. Having tried so many different coffee flavoured chocolates, the only way to really judge this Galler Cafe Noir was to place it in the context of our previous experiences. Starting with the outer chocolate it was a great start as it was certainly a step in quality up from the likes used in Ritter Sport's Espresso. The exterior 60% chocolate was quite simply delicious tasting, and fast established a rich, flavoursome set of unsweetened cocoa flavours in the mouth. The melt of the outer chocolate was smooth and well paced, though the inner filling was even softer feeling when encountered. Compared to the outer chocolate the inner filling was slightly sweeter in taste - almost like a black coffee that had been treated to a few spoonfuls of sugar. Although the coffee was by far the leading flavour note there also were small hints of hazelnut and vanilla detectable in the latter stages of the flavour development, which was welcome as it made the taste at least somewhat progressive.

Overall both my father and I agreed that although the chocolate was more flavoursome and richer tasting than the Ritter equivalent, the Ritter Sport Espresso had a better quality coffee centre as it had a longer last flavour impact and was just a little less passive in taste. That said, this was still an incredibly tasty offering from Galler, and I thought the dark chocolate exterior made it better than the previously reviewed Galler Manon which had the same coffee filling just with a white chocolate coating. Having taken my reviews of Galler products in to double figures with todays post I now feel very confident as recommending them as a brand that is suitable for gifting if it is high quality that you are looking to communicate. One thing that you always get for certain with Galler is a feel that what you are looking at/eating is from the premium end of the chocolate market - the packaging and presentation is always first class. I might not be able to recommend this Cafe Noir bar as the best in class in regards to coffee flavoured chocolates, but I can definitely suggest it as a very competent offering. It's worth giving a try if coffee chocolates are your thing.

8.5 out of 10