August 12th: Thorntons White Chocolate with Coconut & Lime

Kcal 583 Fat 39.3g Fat(sats) 25.9g Carbs 48.0g (per 100.0g)

One of the greatest things about running a website like this is that every now and then I get random parcels turn up on my doorstep with chocolate samples I didn't even know I was going to be receiving. Just a few weeks ago Kate from an agency called Nudge sent me a package on behalf of Thorntons, which contained one the latest limited editions from their Square Blocks *ahem* Ritter *ahem* range :D This White Chocolate with Coconut & Lime struck me as a suitable summery offering from the brand, involving a unique combination of ingredients. Thorntons are one of a very few brands that I believe make decent white chocolate (See HERE), so I was more than interested to see what I made of their latest white chocolate creation.

Despite all these Square Block bars looking the same you may have noticed that Thorntons certainly like varying up the size and weighting of them depending on the added ingredients. This coconut and lime bar clocked in at 80.0g, which served me for two sittings when sharing amongst a few willing tasting accomplices. I'm not sure of who picks the colours of the packaging at Thorntons, but I have a pretty strong feeling that guy/girl's favourite colour is green judging by the number of bars in this range that use that colour (Tonka, Pistachio & Mint). My green gripes aside, the overall presentation was of a good standard - the inner foil wrapper ensured a good degree of freshness, whilst the chocolate looked suitably intriguing on the eye with the golden bits of coconut visibly dispersed well throughout.

As I do with every chocolate I gave this one a good 'smelling-over' before I tucked in to it. The smells that emanated from the bar weren't the most forthcoming but when specifically searched for there were hints of citrus fruit amongst the underlying vanilla yoghurt like scents. As I have passed reference to already, Throntons are one of very few brands that I think have a decent white chocolate recipe and it didn't fail to impress me once again. During the initial phases of the melt, the chocolate presented a creamy milk based taste that was pleasantly passive in it's sugar emphasis. Moving in to the middle and latter stages of it's transformation, a subtle lime twist became noticeable which brought a switch of emphasis away from a creamy tasting chocolate, to a more fruit flavoured yoghurt like taste. Once the blocks had completely melted away, the remaining fragments of dessicated coconut provided a fitting end to each mouthful, bringing excitement in terms of both textures and nutty flavours. The progressive nature of the flavours and resulting taste meant this was a chocolate that demanded attention from the first to the last minute in the mouth. In this regard I felt like it was a satisfying chocolate.

Overall I thought this was an interesting and unique flavour combination, but I don't think it would be one that I would consistently choose to buy instead of Thorntons' plain white chocolate offering. Despite being listed in the actual ingredients as only 'flavourings', it was the lime element of this product that proved to be the X-factor, as it really changed the focus of the taste. The white chocolate started out very familiar with it's cream based flavours, however the introduction of the lime in to the mix made for a slightly sourer yoghurt like overall taste. Whilst this variation was still pretty delicious and a nice change up from the norm, I probably wouldn't include the lime in the mix if I was given the option, on relfection I would happily have settled for a plainer white chocolate with coconut offering. Whilst I may not have rated this as highly as Thorntons' white chocolate original, I would still happily suggest it as a nice variation for white chocolate fans to try. Be sure to check it out before it disappears with the summer sun.

8.0 out of 10