August 17th: Guylian Milk/White & Hazelnuts

Chances are these Guylian bars reviewed today are 'the most travelled' chocolates ever to appear on ChocolateMission. You may be asking yourself how on earth this could be the case since Guylian chocolate is produced in Belgium!? Well from what I can make out from the back of the wrapper, these bars made a quick stop off to Australia! Indeed last week when browsing the shelves in my local Sainsbury's I happened to come across these Guylian Milk/White Hazelnuts bars. I hadn't seen either of them before so I was quick to consult the back of the packet to find determine their place of origin. It said 'made in Belgium, imported in Asutralia/New Zealand', so I was a little clueless (and still am!) as to how they made their way to my local supermarket in Surrey, England - whatever, I ended up buying both 100.0g bars!

Packaging wise I thought both were a little disappointing. Yes I will admit that they did manage to catch my eye, though I didn't think the use of the green colouring on either of the variants was very in keeping with Guylian's normally perfect sense of premiuimality (yes I'm making up words now!). Both chocolates were maintained in good condition thanks to a layer of foil packaging - the milk variant was by far the stronger smelling establishing a nicely nut hinted set of chocolatey aromas.

Below are my thoughts on each variant ...

Guylian Milk & Hazelnuts - Kcal 563 Fat 36.3g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 49.6g (per 100.0g)

'How a chocolate smells, is always very indicative of the taste'. That is a phrase you will have found in several previous reviews and 99.0% of the time it is generally right. Out of the two chocolate types on offer today it was this milk variant that smelt strongest, however when it came to the taste it proved to be a little bland in comparison to it's white comparator. The chocolatey flavours had a very smooth milkiness, but there were very little cocoa flavours generated throughout the entire experience. Luckily for this chocolate, another one of my 'chocolate rules' of 'chopped nuts always being worse than wholenuts' was also proved totally wrong. Indeed, the chopped bits of hazelnuts were delightfully flavoursome and established a very forthcoming set of savoury woody flavours that left a lasting impression in the mouth. This was a chocolate very much saved by a very tasty helping of hazelnuts.

7.5 out of 10

Guylian White & Hazelnuts - Kcal 582 Fat 37.8g Fat(sats) 18.9g Carbs 55.0g (per 100.0g)

Contrary to expectations this white chocolate was actually very flavoursome, and fast established a thick creamy vanilla taste as soon as it entered the mouth. The pace of the melt of the chocolate was well timed, whilst the feel of transformation from solid to liquid was also pleasantly smooth. As much as the white chocolate was noteworthy to the taste, the majority of the experience was once again dominated by the chopped hazelnuts that were plentifully portioned throughout each block. The contrast of the creamier, sweeter white chocolate and the savoury hazelnut pieces was more extreme compared to the milk variant, which made the taste that little bit more exciting. I don't often say this but I found the white chocolate the more satisfying out of the two.

7.5 out of 10

Overall despite these being pretty average offerings from Guylian they were still fascinating to review given that they held several surprises ...

* Surprise #1 - Their place of origin!? ... I still have no idea how they made it to the UK.
* Surprise #2 - The white chocolate was tastier than the milk chocolate! ... This is something I don't find myself writing all that often.
* Surprise #3 - The chopped hazelnuts were actually pretty good! ... In both bars the chopped bits of hazelnuts generated a decent level of flavour and actually led the taste as soon as they were chewed.

Although I did prefer the taste of the white variant, it's failure to ignite any excitement with it's lacking aromas before the taste test has resulted in it scoring the same as the milk chocolate offering. To be honest I wouldn't get all that upset if you never come across these yourselves. They are both nice enough, but they don't offer anything that isn't available elsewhere on the market - See Lindt Excellence Caramelised Hazelnuts.