August 1st: Flipz Double-Dipped Peanut Butter & Chocolate

Kcal 140 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 19.0g (per 28.0g/5 pieces)

A few things of changed since I last featured Flipz on this site back in Sepetember 2008 (Flipz White Fudge review - See HERE). The brand has been long gone from the UK for years, but recently there have been changes afoot in the brands homeland in the States. Firstly the brand now sits under the Demet's Candy Company branding, and the packaging no longer makes reference to Nestle (FYI Nestle sold Flipz to the Brynwood Partners' DeMet's Candy Confectionery Company in 2003). Secondly, the 'Pretzel' part of the brand name seems to have been dropped - they are now simply called Flipz. Now I have you all updated with the useless information :D I now have the pleasure of bringing you my review of one of the newest Flipz variants - the 'Double-Dipped Peanut Butter & Chocolate'.

I recieved these Flipz in a 113.0g bag that contained enough for four different servings (according to the packaging anyway!!). Despite the change in ownership and branding the outer packaging looked no different to how I remember it from the brands long gone UK years, with the light coloured blue foil packaging really standing out aesthetically. Having never bought Flipz in anything other than the individual serving sized packs, it was nice to see that this larger pouch had a resealable fold at the back of the bag. When I opened the seal for the first time, a wonderful set of chocolate and nuts aromas washed over my senses, and this happened every time I resealed the packet and came back for more.

I have never hidden my love for snacks that combine sweet and salty ingredients so it will come as little surprise to you that I really enjoyed these. As you can see in my picture above the Double-Dipped part of the product name actually wasn't a gimmick, and when bitten in to there was a clear visual distinction between the exterior chocolate and peanut butter layer that sat below. As with all Flipz products, by far and a away the best way of eating these was to let the outer layers melt on the tongue before then munching down on the crispy pretzel below. Doing this allowed the sweet, milky flavoured chocolate layer to establish a chocolate flavour base, before then letting the nutty, salty flavours of the peanut butter then follow. The combination of the sugary chocolate and savoury salted layers of the peanut butter and pretzel were utterly fantastic, and had me reaching back in to the bag many a time. Whilst the taste was very moreish, I felt content with the suggested five pieces at a time. If you are a looking for a tip to make the bag last a little longer, I strongly suggest you store them in the fridge as this slows the pace of the melt of the outer layers so they can be savoured for longer.

Overall I have always enjoyed Flipz and I was one of those consumers that was really disappointed when Nestle pulled them from the UK. These Double-Dipped Peanut Butter & Chocolate flavour really just reaffirmed what we all already know here in the UK - we are the ones missing out. Individually neither the chocolate or the peanut butter constituents can be deemed as great, however when they are combine together they compliment the pretzel element wonderfully and make a phenomenal synergy. These Flipz didn't have the chocolate quality of Hotel Chocolat, or the superb quality of Reese's peanut butter, but this synergy made for a delicious overall taste. Looking across all the American candy, chocolate and food websites Flipz seem to always be one of the products that are at a huge price premium. For the sake of your bank account I wouldn't make a habit of making these a frequent purchase, but if you are a peanut butter fan I can strongly recommend them.

8.3 out of 10