August 26th: Lindt Amarena-Kirsch

Kcal 552 Fat 36.0g Carbs 50.0g (per 100.0g)

Since the start of the summer I have been slowly making my way through Lindt's latest 100.0g tafel range, which you may recall has been based around different ice cream flavours. Having already reviewed the Nocciola (See HERE) and Eiscafe (See HERE) variants the one remaining flavour left to try was this Amarena-Kirsh, which I managed to get hold of with a little help from my German friend Franzi. Through aid of the on-pack pictures and my loose understanding of German I was able to get identify that this was based loosely round Cherries, though it took a quick Wikipedia search to identify the origins of Amarena-Kirsch. According to my favourite online encyclopedia, Amaerna-Kirsch are an Italian speciality, which would make sense given that both the Eiscafe and Nocciola flavours have followed that theme (More about Amaerna-Kirsch HERE).

As I have referred to already above this bar came in a 100.0g format which was split into a 5x2 grid of blocks. The packaging, albeit hard to photograph, looked as wonderful as ever and I thought the pinky, red colours made it look the most exciting flavour in the range. The blocks were again slightly on the big side for my liking, though the way they were so beautifully crafted and shaped meant I didn't dwell on that flaw for long. Cutting the block in half for my photography I was delighted to see that the inner creme was studded with large bits of what looked liked frozen dried fruit. In addition to looking pretty gorgeous, the light coloured inner creme smelt pretty phenomenal, mixing a lovely variety of chocolate and genuine smelling red berry scents.

To this point the chocolate was displaying a wonderful promise and the proposition of 'milk chocolate with cherry creme and Amarena cherry pieces' was something I couldn't wait to get stuck in to. Much like the smells had indicated the cherry flavours didn't hang about in imposing themselves on the taste, and straight away they were detectable in the background of the sweet cocoa flavours of the outer chocolate. As ever with Lindt milk chocolate, the taste was luxuriously cream based and it melted with a glorious softness to reveal the inner filling below. As pleasant and smooth as the chocolate felt on the tongue, it was then eclipsed in mouth feel sensation by the creme which had a lighter silkier feel to it's melt. It was at this point that the cherry really flavours really started coming through strongly, with the red fruit flavours establishing a very sweet, yet very 'real' tasting cherry influence. Submerged in the creme filling, the small specs of Amaerna cherry rounded of the taste quite superbly. In comparison to both the chocolate and the creme, the small bits of fruit were sharp and zingy in taste and provided a refreshing juicy sourness to leave a lasting impression of cherry in the mouth. The pace of the melt meant the flavour longevity wasn't optimum, but that wasn't too much of a problem given I had a full 100.0g bar :D

Overall this was probably the best cherry flavoured chocolate that I have ever tasted and it has surprisingly scored the best out of all three of the Lindt ice cream themed bars I have tried this summer. As previous chocolates have shown, implementing cherries in to chocolate is not the easiest thing to do without creating an artificial taste. Thoughts of this chocolate being in any way fake tasting were completely absent when I was eating it. The cherry influences were expertly integrated, in fact I don't believe they could have done it any better. One consideration I did have this chocolate however, was the appropriateness of the milk chocolate coating. As good, and tasty as it was, one part of me couldn't help but feel that a dark coating might have been better matched for the sweetness of the fruit. I could well be wrong and the flavour balance could go out of kilter with dark chocolate overpowering the cherry, but I would still be very keen to try it if such a bar existed. If you like your cherries then this is a must try chocolate for you. This is another pearl in the crown of Lindt.

8.6 out of 10