August 31st: Moser Roth Mousse au Lait Coffee

Kcal 586 Fat 38.8g Fat(sats) 22.9g Carbs 51.8g (per 100.0g)

It has been quite a while since I last reviewed anything from Germany's Moser Roth brand, but thanks to ChocolateMission reader Alan I today got the chance to try another offering from their range. For those that haven't come across Moser Roth before, it is a brand of chocolates produced in Germany specifically for Aldi stores. What with Aldi being much bigger and widespread in Germany, Moser Roth is obviously a lot more renowned in it's homeland, though their bars can also be found in most of their chains located here in the UK. As I don't live anywhere near an Aldi my chances to review Moser Roth chocolates are generally rather limited, but like I said thanks to Alan this Moser Roth Mousse au Lait Coffee made it's way in to my hands last week. Described as 'milk chocolate with a lightly whipped coffee mousse filling' it sounded like the sort of bar that was my kind of thing - I was hoping for a Milka Amavel Mousse au Cappucino type experience.

This Mousse au Lait Coffee came in the same format as the Mousse au Lait Noisette that I tried earlier this year in the form a 187.5g package containing five separate 37.5g bars. As I did with the hazelnut variant I thought the packaging was extremely well styled and very premium looking considering the price it retails for. Having now seen two different variants from the range I think there is scope for Moser Roth to have dialled up the flavour varieties a little more in the on pack visuals and branding. That is probably me being ultra fussy - the product was superbly presented and I was still loving the idea of breaking the package down in to the five smaller bars.

Over the course of a working week I slipped one of the individual bars in to my work bag each day for me to eat alongside my afternoon 'pick me up' coffee. When removing the bars from their paper sleeves I didn't at any point get a strong sense of aromas, however when searched for they did offer some fine smelling sweet chocolatey scents which offered just a few hints of coffee. In regards to taste my experience with this Mousse au Lait Coffee was not to dissimilar to the Noisette bar I had tried from this range before. The outer milk chocolate wasn't particularly strong, or distinct in terms of the flavours it offered, but the grounding of sweet, milk rooted cocoa was pleasant and did a job providing the chocolate flavour hit for each bite. At the middle of each block the mousse delivered on it's promise of having a whipped, light texture and had a pleasant mouthfeel compared to the thicker melting milk chocolate. The mousse filling added a degree of additional creaminess to the taste, however I (inevitably) found the coffee element a little lacking and didn't quite feel like I got the coffee flavour experience I wanted from the sweet mocha like taste. The 37.5g serving size was sensible portion size for a snack but the slightly non-committal taste meant I didn't find it the most fulfilling of chocolates ever.

Overall this bar ticked many boxes when it came to the scoring chart, coupling some fantastic presentation with a fairly decent tasting product. I found the chocolate to be of a decent quality given the price, though the usual Moser Roth limitations were evident once again here, with the chocolate lacking uniqueness and a flavour impression to really call it's own. Whilst the chocolate wasn't exactly distinct, it still did it's job and the mousse filling certainly didn't let itself down when it came to providing interest texture wise. My loyal readership will be aware that I like my coffee chocolates flavoured strongly, so I doubt it will surprise none of them that I have highlighted this bar as being a little weak for my liking. Although this Mousse au Lait Coffee may not have been tailored to my specific tastes, it is certainly worth bearing in mind for fans of bars like Ritter Sport's Cappuccino as I would say this bar offers a similar sort of proposition. As is always the story with Moser Roth they never produce outstanding chocolates, but this was yet another competent offering that is worth taking a look at.

7.3 out of 10