August 6th: Chips Ahoy! Peanut Butter Chunky

Kcal 90 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 10.0g (per cookie)

At the back end of last year I was sent a gift package from a US foods importer (who puzzlingly want to stay anonymous!!) which included several products from the land over the pond. Having had a backlog of Japanese, diet and Valentines Day chocolates to get up on the site in January and February I can finally now get around to posting some of these reviews up on the site. Kicking things off today we have these peanut butter flavoured Chips Ahoy, a product I couldn't help but dig in to as soon as I laid eyes on.

These cookies came in a 396.0g pack that contained a plentiful 22 separate pieces which I shared (stupidly) amongst some work colleagues over the duration of a week. As I said above I needed very little encouragement getting stuck in to these, however I did like the presentation in particular the realistic visualisation of the cookies on the front and the practicality of the resealable foil seal. In regards to the cookies themselves aesthetically they were pretty appetising but they smelt even more so with some buttery nut scents evident amongst the standard fresh cookies aromas.

If you remember my review of the original Chips Ahoy back in January 2009 (See Here) you may recall that I am a real fan of Chips Ahoy and used to often eat them whenever I used to go on vacation in the US when I was younger. These Chips Ahoy Peanut Butter Chunky retained all the sweet brown sugar, salt and butter notes of the originals but every now and then also brought a further dimension to the taste with a delicious peanut butter twist. It has to be said that although they were extremely tasty the peanut butter chips that created the flavour bursts of buttery nuttiness were only sparingly incorporated and I was disappointed that they were not more generously portioned. Just as I wrote about the original Chips Ahoy last year the longevity of the cookies in the mouth were again disappointing and although I enjoyed the fact they melted nicely in the mouth I was similarly annoyed that this meant the flavours were gone all too quickly for my liking.

Overall just as I was hoping these were some damn tasty cookies but they did somewhat suffer from some of the problems that I raised about Chips Ahoy in the past. There is no doubting whatsoever that at times these cookies tasted absolutely wonderful with the original flavours further enhanced by the additional peanut butter thrusts brought by the PB chips. What stopped these cookies being up there with the likes of some of the Oreo flavours was the fact that whilst they tasted superb they just simply didn't last long enough in the mouth to leave a lasting impression or satisfy hunger as much they probably should given their high calorie and fat content per cookie. If you are a peanut butter fan I would still suggest you give these a try as they do the job in creating a good peanut butter flavoured cookie. I am not sure I would go to the expense of importing them myself but next time I am in America I will probably look to purchase another pack if I see them at a sensible price.

8.0 out of 10