August 7/8th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 51

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Hi All,

I'm doing things a little differently for '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' as I have a special feature on the new Weetabix Chocolate Cereal below.

Not much has happened this week - apologies there have been no Twitter competition, things have been a tad busy my end. I am away for the weekend so this post will have to do you for Saturday & Sunday :D

Please feel free to contribute to my review below by answering the questions at end. Also if you have spotted any chocolate news stories be sure to leave them. I hope you all have great weekends!


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Weetabix Chocolate Cereal

Kcal 156 Fat 1.8g Fat(sats) 0.8g Carbs 30.0g (per 2 biscuits)

I'm a firm believer in the saying that 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' - I simply don't function without my usual Weetabix or Bran Flakes! Because of this, I simply couldn't resist writing a review on these new chocolate flavoured Weetabix. Normally I stay well clear of flavoured/chocolate cereals as they usually contain ungodly amounts of sugar (no one wants a mid-morning sugar crash!), but one of the first things to catch my eye on the packaging was the 'contains half the sugar of the average flavoured/chocolate cereal' strapline. That sounds as likely as a deodorant leaving you '100% sweat and odour free', but it did give me a little reassurance that these might be a little different from your average chocolate cereal.

Over the last few days I've been trying out these new Weetabix Chocolate in all different manners, here are my thoughts ...

* Classic cold milk - The usual wheaty flavours of the biscuit were well maintained, yet there was a nice chocolatey taste present throughout. Some of the biscuits had clusters of chocolate chips which further accentuated the chocolate flavour hit. Very Good.

* Hot Milk - I can see this being my preferred method of consumption during the winter! The cereal turned the excess milk into a hot chocolate like mixture which was a delightful way to finish off each bowl! Superb.

* Yogurt - This isn't as weird as it sounds. When eaten with a vanilla or banana flavoured yogurt the chocolate flavours were still cut through well in the taste. I find yogurt more filling than traditional milk, though I wouldn't advise picking a really sweet one like a fromage frais. Very Good.

* Honey/Sugar - It's not uncommon for people to add sugar or honey to Weetabix so I thought I would try it out with these new chocolate ones. I personally found the taste too sweet, and felt that the added sugary substances took focus away from the chocolate in the taste. Poor.

* Peanut Butter - This was a bit of a random thought but I'm glad I tried it! On top of each biscuit I added a layer of peanut butter and I found the salty flavours nicely contrasted with the sweetness of the cereal. To avoid gluing your mouth together I wouldn't recommend eating them dry like this :D Superb.

Overall I really like these new chocolate flavoured Weetabix and would say they are one of the best chocolate cereals out there on the market right now. It would be silly for me to give them a score based on the usual rating system (it's designed for chocolate bars afterall!), but I would happily recommend them to any Weetabix fans. I don't think I'm going to be replace these with my everyday cereal, but I will be keeping some in the cupboard to have as the occasional treat.

So over to you ChocolateMission readers ....

Have you tried them yourselves?
How would you eat them?
What are your favourite chocolate cereals?